The NEW 10.1 Unholy PvP Talent OWNS! – Dragonflight Unholy PvP

I tested out Unholy Death Knight after the buffs as well as the new reworked reanimation PvP talent. It turns out the new zombies are really strong and FUN!

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24 thoughts on “The NEW 10.1 Unholy PvP Talent OWNS! – Dragonflight Unholy PvP”

  1. Hey guys! Regularly scheduled weekly videos are back now. New pvp guides will be released next week for the new season!

    Look forward to all the content we’re going to this season. 🙂

  2. idk if its just me but i swear the reanimation thing people are doin is troll, every dk ive fought has been using it and i have beaten them all and did more damage than all of them just using the defile/strain/assault build

  3. Hi bro I always follow your builds and it’s always amazing can I ask you explain more dualweild frost I’m currently playing on retail I tried to create a build but for some reason my healing is always bigger then my dmg and I’m close to healing to healers, also I love soul reaper is there any way to utilise that?

  4. Ugh idk man I hate environment based abilities. I absolutely dread using anti magic zone and now I gotta worry about this lol. Do you think it will still be strong in the long run? I feel like it’s so useful now because it’s brand new and most people don’t know to avoid it.


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