Coromon Playthrough Episode 1

Hi everyone so I decided I wanna record my adventure in Velua being a Battlw Researcher! I love Coromon for the pixel art style it brings and simple yet compelling Monster-Taming gameplay its like old school Pokémon but so much better anyways so unfortunately all the videos taken before this were corrupted so the first half of my adventure is gone :[ but don’t worry I’m still pretty early in the game so you can share the rest of it with me!!! I made it passed the first Titan Voltgar and started heading through the Soggy Swamp, I have some Nuzlocke rules in play such as defeated Coromon will be released so get ready for some tears people I’ve already lost a few good friends but have no worry we will make so many more!! If you like the game go buy it on Steam!!! and show the team support they’re great and amazing!! 🤭🫣🤗🤗🎮💻💚🔥🔥🔥🫠


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