Our First time watching Zombie Land and Amber heard made my girlfriend gag in this movie..hope you enjoy this Movie Reaction!!

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Directed by : Ruben Fleischer
Stars : Jesse Eisenberg , Woody Harrelson , Emma Stone , Bill Murray , Amber Heard

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Original Video : Zombieland (2009)

YES MATE! I’m Ashkan Javdani , a fellow film nerd, Anime Fan, Netflix Addict who’s probably gonna save you lot of time, money and arguments by finding you the right movies and shows. Trust me I GOT YOU. I also React to Some of the Most people shows, Trailer and try my hardest to Entertain you guys by ACTUALLY reacting and hopefully entertaining you guys…I love you and ENJOY!!!!

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21 thoughts on “Zombieland (2009) MOVIE REACTION!! *FIRST TIME WATCHING*”

  1. Soooo… 1st… Huge fan. But also, crazy fun fact… Where they filmed the amusement park scenes… My University Alma Mater, Valdosta State, is in the same city: Valdosta, GA. The theme park is actually called Wild Adventures, and 1 day/year they rent out the entire park for VSU students to go for FREE. Soooo… basically much of that looks so familiar… I've even heard stories of people meeting Woody on campus at our rec center whilst playing basketball. #VSU #GoBlazers


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