The 5 BEST & Rarest Shiny Pokemon You NEED to Get – Best Shiny Farming – Pokemon Scarlet Violet!

There are some INCREDIBLE Shiny Pokemon I bet you’ve not seen! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gameplay or Monster Hunter World Iceborne gameplay? Today neither! Today we talk Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet gameplay Pokemon Violet gameplay as the new 9th gen Pokemon games have been revealed with new Pokemon Scarlet Violet new Pokemon evolutions as we revealed our Pokemon Scarlet Legendary Pokemon Pokemon Violet Legendary Pokemon Scarlet Violet Legendaries Pokemon Scarlet Shiny Farming Shiny Farm Shiny Pokemon Shiny Charm Outbreak method masuda method breeding method sparkling power sandwich Scarlet Violet Salty Herba Mystica Sandwich Scarlet Violet 6 Star 6* Tera Raid Paradox Pokemon Shiny farming guide Sparkling Power lvl level 3 Scarlet Violet Outbreak control trick Scarlet Violet best shiny pokemon Shiny Tinkaton Toedscruel Rellor Rabsca Iron Valiant Chi-Yu Chi Yu Koraidon Palafin!

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35 thoughts on “The 5 BEST & Rarest Shiny Pokemon You NEED to Get – Best Shiny Farming – Pokemon Scarlet Violet!”

  1. Shiny Tinkaton is fun because tinkaton is the only pokemon which actively hunts corviknights just so they can make it into a hammer and the shiny just shows that this tinkaton has hunted shiny corviknights and used them to make their hammer. Its such a wee little menace, god tinkaton is just the best fairy pokemon both in flavor, design and combat prowess.

  2. Incase my phrasing wasn't clear I know both legendaries are Shiny locked, that's what "sadly it's the box legendary and you can't go hunting for it" "this one might be a bit of a cheat becausen you cant get it" means. They're still 2 of the best 5 new Shiny Pokemon, am I missing something here?

  3. I absolutely love shiny Toedscruel, if just that it makes it that much closer to what I assume its base inspiration is, and that's the Japanese interpretation of aliens and specifically, Martians.

  4. People love saying that shiny tinkaton's hammer is made out of shiny corviknight, when it's not and that is just a fan theory shiny corviknight is silver and shiny tinkaton's hammer is bronze they are very different.

  5. I have a head canon dogshit theory that all the future forms were given the Iron naming trend because of their Shiny forms. Logically speaking, the past Paradox forms all have their unique names and shiny forms, whereas the future ones seem to have that pattern going on for more than just the name.

  6. as someone who absolutely adores Tinkaton, I completely disagree, I think it's one of the worst shinies this generation, not the worst, because we have some real stinkers, As you mentioned, the Charcadet line all are horrid, Taurus is pretty bad too, but only the hammer changing is such a disappointment.
    Firstly, If a shiny doesn't change every colour on the pokemon, then it's missing the point of what a shiny is meant to be, and secondly there are so many cool options you could change tinkatons base colour too, and they just did nothing.

  7. tinkatons hammer are in lore just corvaknight bits that have been mangled into a hammer shape
    fittingly shinny corvaknight is rust colored so what you actualy found when you find a shinny tinkatonk. is a tinkatonk who brutaly beat the fuck out of a shinny corvaknight

  8. easy way to get shinny iron valiant through the sandwhich method
    1 tomato
    1 salty herba
    1 spicy herba
    travel to the third base in area zero and enter the cave
    they are the only thing that spawns there. for 30 minutes

    you should save at the entrance of area zero then
    turn off auto save right before you make the sandwhich so you can do it again if you get nothing
    i mannaged it even without the shinny charm it just took me 5 tries because i have shit luck with the shinny charm you will get atleast 1 shinny per sandwhich

  9. I honestly made it priority to have a shiny Ampharos. Not only did they change the entire coloration, but they also choose colors that went well together. A complete package in my opinion rather most of their shiny decisions.

  10. "The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them." _Denis Waitley

  11. I have a hacked switch and my oled so I am partied together in the same world and have every mon generate shiny I’m having a field day getting all these shinys on my main profile


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