Super Mario World Speedrun World Record Explained

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37 thoughts on “Super Mario World Speedrun World Record Explained”

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    All the footage you see in the sponsored segment is NOT stock footage provided by Manscaped, but was actually shot in my apartment with the box they sent me! Huge shoutout to my girlfriend for the work she did on this! I'm really proud of her and I hope it makes the sponsored segment more enjoyable.

  2. Can we talk about the fact that during the entire explanation of how item swap works , he had the time to skip forward on the screen and was only off by 5 seconds. (It goes to 9:15 for me) The effort is tremendous holy. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to 6:10 and look near the bottom middle (more left).

  3. 21:06 That's a funny way to put it XD I like it!
    21:44 I used to try this as a kid and young adult, and even though it was annoying to control, i played with it a lot!

    Thanks for another great video with understandable explanations!

  4. tbh manscaped products are garbage, they are poorly manufactured and they put all their development fund into marketing their product to people too fearful to buy a Norelco. but the video was good

  5. Great video! I could have used an explanation of how much faster cloud is compared to orb, but maybe the video already has enough going on. I have a soft spot for orb. (I remember when orb glitch was found, and watching Jiano go through all the levels one by one and beating them with only the orb every time. And we'd all chant "orb", of course. I've always wondered if the orb meme predates this, or if it originated here.)

  6. very well played, and very well commentated. I haven't heard of sethbling in a long long time, but he's where I first ever heard of the credits warp glitch eons ago. still wild just how rewarding getting good with the cape can be in this game. zipping is the glitch/trick I think players are most likely to find their first time playing just because of how easy it is to pull off in Star World 1 with a cape. I know I did it all the time back when I was a kiddo.

    The one thing I wasn't aware of in this set of tricks would have to be how you can store take off frames between door transitions. That's pretty neat, I might have to learn how to do that for the giggles during my randomizer playthroughs.

    Looking forward to what exciting runs you commentate on next, Bismuth!


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