Ranking Taylor Swift’s Midnights (with 3am tracks) // i love this album so much

i am finally ranking Taylor Swift’s Midnights !!

i have now spent over a month with these songs and i am finally ready to sit down and tell you my favorites 🙂 i didn’t want to decide this right away because over time, your opinions change as you listen to more of the songs and my initial top 5 definitely changed from the first week i heard the album.

just because i rank certain songs lower, doesn’t mean i don’t love them! it just means that i love other ones more or that i relate to them more 🙂 everyone has their own favorite songs that have meaning to them because of the experiences they have had in their life and that’s something to keep in mind when watching other people rankings!

please share your own midnights rankings & let’s chat in the comments! please be respectful of everyone’s thoughts & opinions 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Ranking Taylor Swift’s Midnights (with 3am tracks) // i love this album so much”

  1. Okay I’m glad I finally found someone who doesn’t love Karma! Everyone keeps raving about how good it is and I feel bad for saying it is absolutely without a doubt my least favorite song on the album 😂

  2. I really love your take on this album!

    My top 3 is probably 1. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve 2. You’re on your own, kid 3. Midnight rain
    Also wanted to mention Dear Reader, it’s such an amazing song

  3. Love this album so so much
    My ranking:
    1. Would've could've should've ( one of the best songs of her discography, I am obsessed)
    2. Anti-hero
    3. You're on your own kid
    4. Maroon
    5. Snow on the beach
    6. Karma
    7. The great war
    8. Bejeweled
    9. Lavender haze
    10. Midnight rain
    11. Hits different
    12. Mastermind
    13. Question…?
    14. Paris
    15. High infidelity
    16. Dear reader
    17. Sweet nothing
    18. Vigilante shit
    19. Bigger than the whole sky
    20. Glitch
    21. Labyrinth

  4. I really struggle to rank anything, especially Midnights cause it kind of changes all the time but I would say my top 5 are :

    1) Would've, Could've, Should've
    2) Snow on the beach
    3) The Great War
    4) Maroon
    5) You're on your own kid

  5. I think that Maroon is not about Jake, but it’s an evolution of Red, it talks about another person and another kind of love (more mature), with Jake it was burning red, with Harry was Maroon
    There’s also a video of her dancing with 1D in New York with no shoes, it was from Red era but it was in between Red and 1989
    I don’t want to make gossip, I know we’re talking about art but in this case I think it’s necessary because it helps realising that she went from Red, to Maroon and finally to golden
    Just mi thoughts
    Btw loved this ranking and all of your videos in general💙

  6. I personally love vigilane sh*t, because i love dramatically walking through the hallway pretending im the villain in a movie.. 😉
    But i get why people would not like it, i guess its one of those songs you either love of hate

  7. I know we’re gonna have this video so this is my ranking:
    1. Sweet nothing
    2. Question…?
    3. Lavender haze
    4. You’re on your own kid
    5. Anti hero
    6. Maroon
    7. Midnight rain
    8. Would’ve could’ve should’ve
    9. Karma
    10. The great war
    11. Bejeweled
    12. Vigilante shit
    13. Snow on the beach
    14. High infidelity
    15. Dear reader
    16. Glitch
    17. Paris
    18. Labyrinth
    19. Mastermind
    20. Bigger than the whole sky

    I haven’t listened to hits different enough to rank it. Wish it was included on Apple Music or the CD 🥲


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