My Life Changing MUSHROOM (Psilocybin) Experience – BeerBiceps

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Luke Coutinho, an all-star of TRS. One of my all-time favorite guests and people in the world. This man needs no introduction. One of the top health and fitness coaches in India who has worked relentlessly with Cancer patients all over the world and also mentored some of the top celebrities in Bollywood with health and wellness. Luke has been on the show previously, some of our most loved episodes. We previously spoke about fitness & food habits, drugs & psychedelics, and warrior mentality.

Luke Coutinho on the Evolution of Mushrooms, Psychedelics & where humans stand now. Hope you enjoy this episode.

The Truth About Psilocybin Mushrooms – Luke on What Does Consuming Them Do To Your Brain.

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47 thoughts on “My Life Changing MUSHROOM (Psilocybin) Experience – BeerBiceps”

  1. i was a serios weed addict when was doing mba in an iim..later i was daignosed with said weed was one of the primary readons…but still after many years weed is the best thing that happened in my i am an upsc aspirant

  2. Shrooms helped with my eating habits, within a year I lost 40 pounds from just not eating as much as I used too. And that wasn’t even my intention going into the trip. Just was supposed to get high, but I did have that eating habit that I guess it caught and fixed for me and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for that beautiful plant. πŸ„

  3. A few years ago, a friend of mine took some strange mushrooms, and was out of it for 4 days; when he woke up, one of his kidneys had been taken out; he had a big scar where it used to be.

    If anyone asks if I want to try anything, I'll say – thank, but no thanks, I'll pass. You got to be smarter than this guys, there are plenty of people out there, wanting to take advantage, and hurt you!

  4. Hello i have a very important question! I once experimented with mushrooms a few years ago and I haven’t done it since! Up until this year! I recently have found myself in a position where mushrooms are more available to me now! And so i experimented again and i had a bit of a trip but not as intense as the first time! And then I’ve been trying to take higher doses and it doesn’t work! I can not have a psychedelic trip no matter how much i try! What am i doing wrong?

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  6. Psychedelic’s definitely have potential to deal with mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression, I would like to try them again again but it’s just so hard to source out of there.

  7. Very hard to describe my shroom trip… i have ptsd, depression, anxiety

    basically… I felt like… I could die… I could choose… to not be here… which isn't different then normal…

    But… I found my own off button… and it kept trying to pull me towards it… to turning myself off…
    I found it there… I could choose to not come back… to disappear…

    But then there's family… I saw myself choosing to not go on… hitting that button people finding me there… I felt myself dying… and I tried to reach out… to a sister.. a friend…

    Couldn't manage to use my phone properly so I ended up having a 5 hour conversation and card game with my mother

    Probably one of the best things I could have done (speaking to my mom I mean)

  8. Psilocybin mushrooms helped me a lot. I must say taking them turned my life around. I started micro dosing and just in a couple days I noticed major changes in my stress levels, depression, and everything else. After battling with these for years little did I know that shrooms will save me.


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