My First Time in the Nether

I go to the Nether with @HalfNewt to save Gerald
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Recorded with OBS Studio:
Edited with Filmora 12:

Intro by @Zorillac

Library Car (The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog)
Quest: SOS Backup (Sonic Frontiers)
Snowy (Undertale)
Shop (Undertale)
Kremnay (@qumumusic)
Super Mario Odyssey – Steam Gardens [Remix] (@qumumusic)
Super Mario 64 – Bob-omb Battlefield [Remix] (@qumumusic)
Castlevania – Vampire Killer & Beginning [Remix] (@qumumusic)
Pokemon Horizons – Dokimeki Diary [Noteblock] (@noteblockliko)
MegaloCornered [Pursuit – Cornered in the style of Megalovania] (@MatthewVillaflores44)
Sonic Adventure 2 – Escape from the City [Remix] (@qumumusic)
Galactic Rush (from LunarLux) – MMSF Soundfont (@alumae_star)
High Hills- Kirby’s Adventure [Remix] (@MetaMagnus)
Singularity (@Pix3lWill)


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