James May cheese pt.2 – The ultimate showdown

James May is back in the bunker and he’s found his way back to… CHEESE.

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25 thoughts on “James May cheese pt.2 – The ultimate showdown”

  1. Did they even bother to watch a video on how to make a grilled cheese? It needs a lid to melt the cheese. It needs to be done low and slow. American cheese is far superior to colby jack. American cheese and cheddar are the most common cheeses in america. It's like she didn't even try to research the topic.

  2. As an American, the seemingly insignificant banter between the two about American cheese and how it melts was weirdly hilarious to me. Haha I can literally watch James do anything and it's incredible. I've watched our man in Japan so many times, and the reassembler is one of my go to programs to fall asleep to. But I de genuinely appreciate all of the random facts and information James gives while he's doing something.

    Also hilarious to me how they call it "American mustard" when we just call it "yellow mustard"

  3. montery jack is a soft cheese, why is your stiff? couldnt you have gotten an actual imported cheese made in america? im in canada and i can easily find english imported cheese at walmart. also why didnt you compare britsh vs american cheddar, you know the orange stuff vs the white? also im pretty sure cheddar is waaaaay more common in america then jack. like mcdonalds and every single burger or taco uses ceddar if its jack its a promo. then you have pizza nad pasta with mozza and waaay more of that is sold too.

  4. For someone so intelligent, James sure doesn't know much about cheese.
    When they say "do you want cheese with that" they're usually offering American cheese, which is a processed cheese.
    I haven't eaten Monterey Jack cheese in more than a decade!
    Costco sells this Mature English White Cheddar aged 3 years which is amazing!

  5. The way you need to make a grilled cheese – get some Kraft American singles, dont be shy with them, shitloads of butter on the outsides of the bread, use white wonder bread, grill (fry) to perfection. Dip in some tomato soup and thank me in the morning.


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