Goodbye Quartzsite, hello Mittry Lake! Meet my BF "Bill"!

My time is up at Quartzsite, so I move to Mittry Lake. Check out my new BF “Bill”. LOL
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When I turned 70, I got the RV bug, sold my condo in south Florida and purchased a Newmar, Dutch Star. I hit the road this past May, of 2022. Without a concrete plan, I headed to my home state of Indiana, where I mooch docked at my high school classmate’s farm. Go class of ’70!! My travel mates include Pepper, a male Shih Tzu who is 13 years old. Furbina, aka “Furby”, is a Torty feline who is 17 years old; Pearl, I adopted from a neighborhood chat site. She is part Siamese and is 2. I adopted Laura (named for my classmate where I’m mooch docking) who is a baby kitty Torty! I rescued her here on the farm, from a family of feral cats. I also rescued a paralyzed kitten I named Philly, but sadly, she died from her internal injuries. I’ve since adopted two of Cindy Lou’s kittens and have named them Gary and Jeffrey Dale- after Gary’s son and friend, Dale, who have helped me immensely while I’ve been mooch docking on the Tenney farm. Then, right before I left for Quartzsite, 2 feral kittens were abandoned by their mama. So, guess who their NEW mama is. ME! I pondered all summer whether to buy a small home base. I’m noticing many of the RVrs I’ve been watching for almost 2 years are starting to get, or show they’ve always had home bases. Funds are tight, the economy sucks, and it’s poor timing to buy a small house, but hitting the road full time is daunting. I’ve decided to wait until next summer to buy and I’m heading out to Quartzsite AZ . Come along for my journey. Email me @: [email protected]

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Quartzsite, hello Mittry Lake! Meet my BF "Bill"!”

  1. I see you have met Bill.
    His last name is actually Bailey, and he won't come home, even if you ask him please.
    I'm up in the hills at Quinn Pass, off plumosa road and it's in the mid-90s today. Got plans to head to higher elevation soon, I'm surprised you're still down here in the heat.

  2. Glad you are moving around, Pepper swimming was so cute and bet it sure felt good, Stay safe and hopefully be somewhere much cooler for you all very soon


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