Former San Francisco fire commissioner victim in brutal pipe beating

Former fire commissioner Donald Carmigniani was assaulted with a crowbar Wednesday evening in the area of Buchanan and Laguna streets.

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44 thoughts on “Former San Francisco fire commissioner victim in brutal pipe beating”

  1. That doesn’t happen in my part of Florida thank goodness! It’s called jail and sentences here are severe for these types of crime! Why does oregon and ca let people live on the streets taking drugs and committing numerous crimes! Don’t tax paying citizens have rights! The way the governments in these places handle these major issues is absurd!

  2. Let me guess, another young black men? Shameful… Aren't we tired of them yet? It'll never change. Not until ALL black men in the U.S (not just the good educated citizens) develop home-good values. But hasn't happen in sooooo many years of our history. It'll never change, and that's sad. Uhhhh. Tiresome. Can't feel save anymore anywhere. Shitty men everyone just hurting and killing. Ridiculous!!! What a life we live in 2023.

  3. Dont worry. Mayor London Breed has the answers, she just needs you to keep voting for her. JUST KIDDING!! That city is toast!!!! So glad I live in Texas where I can defend myself.

  4. To all the people who want to leave places like San Francisco, Portland, Baltimore, etc. The voting habits and attitudes of your peers made it this way. Don't come to my state and start whining about how backward we are. How we have too many guns. Why do you think we have almost no carjacking or home invasions? And bring your manners. We all tend to be very polite to strangers, as long as they reciprocate. If your jackassery exceeds my tolerance level I will boot you out of my store. Neither I, my people, nor my other customers should have to put up with you and we won't.

  5. That woman saying "this didn't used to happen" is the typical transplant who has been living in a bubble. These incidents have been happening in San Francisco for many-many years! Now that it's happening in the wealthy areas, people like this woman now have a problem with it.

    Lack of officers on the streets is not the issue. Federal judges have blocked San Francisco and Oakland from doing homeless sweeps. Going back further, federal funding was pulled by conservatives which resulted in many mental health facilities being closed.

  6. Homeless people don't pay rent, they buy drugs. Never let a homeless person sit in the same place longer than 4 hours. After that you force them to relocate, every 4 hours! You keep them moving! Marshall Wright

  7. Fuck the cops, get these people the mental health they need, they need more resources to fight the homeless epidemic here in Cali as a whole, the police cannot magically stop a crime, it was the people who helped this guy. Fuck off with this police bullshit. Motherfuckers wanted to have killer robocop and now they forget that the same rich fucks that live in San Francisco caused the whole issue, along side with Ronald Fucking Reagan

  8. It's not that you don't have enough officers in that shithole city, it's that you have too many homeless. You don't have much to loose by going to jail if anyone can attack you while you sleep and you don't know if tomorrow you will eat.

  9. People hating on San Francisco and California as if we are the ONLY ones facing challenges. There is plenty of room in Alabama & Mississippi and I hear the rent is cheaper. Everyone has their problems. By the way this was not some "random" attack. The guy probably went up to the homeless people and starting talking crap and degrading them possibly even threatened them. That is when you might get a pipe to the head. DUH!


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