Winter Lofi Study Vibes: City Cafe Cozy Beats #lofimusic #studybeats #nightscenery

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Welcome back to my Lofi Music Channel, where we provide the perfect soundscape for your concentration, inspiration, and work efficiency. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil for exams or need to stay focused on challenging tasks at work, our Lofi Music is here to accompany you.

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Our music is intricately designed to help you enter a state of tranquility and harmony, allowing you to immerse yourself in your studies or work. Whether it’s the gentle piano melodies, warm chords, or subtle rhythms, they all contribute to enhancing your focus with a touch of joy.

🎧 Every Piece of Music is Crafted Just for You

Our music is more than just background noise; it’s an expression of emotion. Through meticulous composition and careful selection of tones, we strive to create an atmosphere that suits your study or work environment. We hope our music becomes an integral part of your daily routine.

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00:00 Bedhead
02:26 Thunder Nap
05:06 Winter Night
07:46 Beyond Clouds
10:36 Valse
12:40 Hayride
15:32 Kugelblitz
18:18 Silent Wood
21:25 Rainforest
26:46 Early Rise
29:31 Seasons
33:55 Sea Of Stars
36:16 Another Day
38:40 Caught In The Rain
43:09 Hushed Awakening
45:45 Salt Lamp
48:19 Clocks Forward
50:40 vhs tapes 1993-1996
53:48 Cheonsa
56:19 Rain
58:51 Long Term Parking

Music by Purrple Cat |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0
Winter Night by Sakura Girl |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons CC BY 3.0
Saib – Beyond Clouds
Plusma, Guillaume Muschalle – Valse
anbuu, Florent Garcia – Hayride
Saib – Rainforest
illiterate, Mr Slipz – Early Rise
Aso – Seasons
illiterate, Mr Slipz – Another Day
Aso – Caught In The Rain
Enzalla, Majko – Hushed Awakening
illiterate, Mr Slipz – Salt Lamp
edapollo, Sundreamer – vhs tapes 1993-1996
SwuM, Lenny Loops – Cheonsa
Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – Rain
Dotlights, lst drm – Long Term Parking


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