Why This Tiny Island Has More People Than Russia

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20 thoughts on “Why This Tiny Island Has More People Than Russia”

  1. Map shown at 0:17 is a bit wrong
    Borneo island shown has parts of malaysia and Brunei also on the north side.
    New guinea is only half of that shown here rest of that is papua new guinea a separate country

  2. I haven't view this video. By read the title of this video, I want to answer (because I live in this island). Java has more people than Russia because of :
    1. "nikah aja, nanti pasti ada jalan kebuka" culture
    2. "banyak anak banyak rejeki" mindset
    3. "say no to dating, just get married" culture (by major religion)

  3. in 2010 i was 7

    and I saw myself how the Merapi eruption, ash rain, dust rain, even you can't see what's in front of you, the street is very dirty, no one comes out of the house, because of the ash, everyone use mask even in the their house, schools stoped, mosques are closed, even the ashes can be up to 5-10 cm covering the ground, even though I live on the south coast far from Merapi,

  4. Some factors driving growth also are high birth rates and larger family sizes. Other countries like US and Japan have much lower current birth rates, largely bc people are focusing on their career and the costs of having children are high. Java lacks that.


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