WHY Does Digimon Do This? | Digimon World Next Order Sales Won't Be Good…

Next to no marketing, a full price for a minimalist port that performs worse than the six year old ps4 version… This is why certain games don’t sell well, then they act like it’s the west’s fault.

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40 thoughts on “WHY Does Digimon Do This? | Digimon World Next Order Sales Won't Be Good…”

  1. I think it's getting a known thing that the Switch community is concidered as worst "they buy it anyway" community. Stop tryharding by saying that the games are good because you bought it. You have been scammed. Until that stops, nothing will change.

  2. I was thinking I was crazy, so happy someone else called this out. Even though I have the game on the PS4, and beat the game multiple times I was still going to purchase it. Then I saw they were charging full price as if it was a new game, I was shocked. I'm a huge fan of digimon, I try to support the franchise when I can but I won't spend full price for a game that came out in 2016 that I already have. I guess I'll have to play it on the PS4 again.

  3. Personally, I believe this was intentional. They never expected the game to sell well because of how niche it is. That's why they make it full price to then make it seem MUCH more appealing when it goes on sale, which won't take long because it's a bandai namco game. Those often go on sale.
    That would also explain why it's getting a very limited physical release.

  4. I know this isn't it, but it feels like they're doing this on purpose to not have to mess with selling the games over here. I mean, how else do you explain the utter incompetence behind this?

  5. Not sure who is running the business over there but this time, I think they need to talk to Nintendo for a little bit. ''Nintendo of all things??'' you would ask? Well, yeah. Regardless of what you think of them and the way how amazing they are with their own pricing (not), they still manage to sell everything they have even if people complain about it. There is something called a ''midway'' and it seems that Bandai never understood what that meaning is. Nintendo does get a lot of shite thrown at them for the things that they do but one thing we can agree on is, even if you are a fanboy of them or not, they know how to sell their stuff.
    Just throwing random high prices like this on games doesn't do anything for this franchise. If Bandai or the Digimon brand want to expand through the Western market, they really need to start acting like one. So far they aren't, but more acting as if Japan is the only country that exist on this planet. Their marketing is really trash in that sense, I've never seen a single commercial of the Digmon brand anywhere except for a few ads on Twitter here and there, and that's about it. In other words, I really need to look for it if I am interested. Pokemon however, I see that EVERYWHERE!

  6. I do love this game and thus did preorder it in order to get the beanie hat that's coming, but between the price and the stupid methods Bandai Namco are using to "avoid fraud" and whatever else, I regret preordering it. I would still have gotten the game full price as if it's new, but that's because I'm not the only PS4 user in my house while I am the only Switch user, and as I said, I do love the game. But I would NOT recommend this game to everyone regardless of the price.

  7. It's a shame because it's obviously being done to trick newcomers to the game who think it is a new game ala Scarlet and Violet. However, this isn't Pokemon and doesn't have the same pull at all. The People interested in this will either already have it or be picking it up a second time for it being portable but won't want to pay that price.

    It'll drop hard soon as survive (physically in the UK at least) did very quickly and sleuth is often £14.99 digitally.

    A big shame but that's capitalist greed for you 😅

  8. Was debating if I should get it on pc (steam deck) or switch until I seen the $80aud price tag and instantly removed it from my wish-list. I might look again in 6 months if the price drops.

  9. Also on steam, there was no release date set on the game, so steam always listed it as "coming soon" and was basically shadow dropped on the release date. I only knew about it because I watch channels like this and actually searched for it on steam.

  10. That Black Gabumon on your preview picture looked like he p****d himself :D. Altough I do unterstand the meaning of Black Gabumon wide eyes because of the enormous price for an older game.

  11. I remember getting this game myself during it's release year, and I was lucky to find it on Amazon for $5 during an Amazon day sale. Due to how I don't like real time mechanics in games as well as the things they put into the game to make it feel like you'll raising a real life pet in a digital video game most of the time, it was the price I was willing to pay for it.

    However, I can agree that this game shouldn't be worth $60 at release if it's based on the first version of the game from PS4 and the only thing they added was 2 things to it and no new gameplay content. I can see it be more like $20 or something, not $60. If I were going to get this game again, I would wait for a sale on it when the price is $20 or lower and a $20 US bill would pay for it (or at $5, which is the cheapest price I ever seen for the game in it's history for any verison).

  12. They probably have zero faith it will sell in any meaningful amount but know that many digimon fans will still get it no matter the price. Its to maximize profit for a game that will only be bought by those who were willing to pay that much anyway. From all ive seen from online reactions by players most either didnt like the gameplay and others didnt get it because they were put off by the reincarnation mechanic because they didnt know they arent actually dead. Just turned back into an egg and reborn. Next order is a game within a niche within a niche within a niche of an already niche franchise. Even many digimon fans dont care for it. The game is mainly for the og 🤓superfans that have loved digimon since it came out and grew up with the v-pets or the og digimon world on ps1 and even then some of us will pass since we own it on ps4 already.

  13. I paid 80 dollars aus I think, back in 2017. There should be a digimon world 6 by now. Weird they are trying to flog it.

    For 10 dollars American it's worth it, it's really one of the weaker games in the series. It's like the tamagotchi except they are avatars now, u spend a lot of time training and toilet taking. Constantly feeding them. They need to go back to their digimon world 3 style of games. A blend of pokemon and final fantasy.

  14. I mean sure I COULD buy the original game for a much lower price, but then I would also have to buy a Playstation 4. I'm gonna buy the port at full price because I actually have the platform to play it on, and I can't be the only one.

  15. This is why I'm waiting on a sale. It should've been $40 at max for this port. Two little QoL improvement is NOW worth the full price especially when the OG PS4 version is on discount for WAY cheaper!

    It ticks me off! I like Digimon and seeing an old game get ported with FULL price is unacceptable.

  16. Literally I already own the ps4 version and am buying the switch port because I haven't played the ps4 version since 2018 on account of my parents legit can't stand the sight of me playing digimon games. Don't ask me why, they've always hated them and get bitchy just having to see them. Always have. I don't have a tv in my room anymore so haven't been able to enjoy most digimon games outside of emulation on my computer in the privacy of my own room.

  17. I rather have this game for full price than many new triple A titles though, I love myself some digimon.

    I do feel like it is a bit weird to go full price for this from the developer perspective, but I also understand that it can't be 10 bucks like on PSP because they need to earn back the money that they sank into porting it + a "small" profit.


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