Wholesome Games To Play In 2022

Sometimes you want to get your heart pumping, test your reflexes in a competitive shooter or wrestle a force feedback wheel on the very limit of control. And sometimes… well, you don’t! Today we’re brewing a cup of hot chocolate and settling down to look at some wholesome games to play when you need to relax.

Let us know which game you’ll be cozying up to first in the comments!

0:00 Intro
1:24 Wytchwood
2:21 Garden Story
3:00 Sizeable
3:57 SkateBIRD
4:47 Cozy Grove
5:50 Beasts of Maravilla Island
6:36 Haven Park
7:29 Unpacking
8:22 Snufkin Melody of Moomin Valley
9:02 Outro

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14 thoughts on “Wholesome Games To Play In 2022”

  1. The lack of engagement these videos get is criminal. Such good content, so consistently. And Ellen's voiceovers are just, perpetually sublime. Please keep making content <3.

  2. Oh my god this channel thrives under these kind of videos and yet somehow the views don't arrive. Ellen, what you are doing is awesome, and the whole production too. This kind of videos made me and my girlfriend discover so many games, all i have to say is thank you. You have inspired us both to start doing something like this for a spanish speaking audience.


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