Who Is Soviet Chad Dr Livesey?

The Soviet Joker has arrived.
Please comment if you know more about this meme’s origins.

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35 thoughts on “Who Is Soviet Chad Dr Livesey?”

  1. It isn't russian, it's either Soviet Union or Ukrainian, because it was animated at Kiev studio "Киевнаучфильм", stop calling everything from post Soviet Union or anything that's on russian language "russian", fucking hell

  2. I will try to not be a nerd here but animation studio that made this film actually is not russian, it is a ukranian and its name is «Киев Науч Фильм» whis retranslates from russian «Kiev Science Film» so yeah (Kiev is btw is capital of Ukraine) (sorry for bad English I am from Ukraine)

  3. Russian here, cartoon of my childhood
    Jim is doing the karate shenanigans, because he does morning exercise every day, and the entire movie was made to promote healthy lifestyle, not drinking not smoking, doing exercise and enjoying flower smell, all pirates are portrayed as weak because they smoke and drink. Movie has live action scenes, or Better say, songs, wich all praise healthy lifestyle, You can even consider treasure island a musical because of the amount of songs. The movie is genuinely really good, And I love how non Russian people finally can witness dr. Livesey in is his full glory

  4. As an Armenian who grew up having the Soviet illustration of treasure island as one of his main childhood cartoons I am happy to see Dr. Livesey one of my most favorite fictional characters growing up getting the praise he deserves.Funny enough because of the allegories and metaphors that were used in the cartoon especially in the form of the character of Dr. Livesey that were promoting a healthy lifestyle I never and by never I truly mean never drank any alcohol, smoked or made myself a slave of any empirical goods.Thanks Dr. Livesey.

  5. Americans would have such great characters who provide kids with knowledge about health as well , if not for allowing left wing propaganda in children's entertainment…..
    Cause kids tottaly should know about who they can fuck when they grow up , instead of knowing what food is better for them , or how to keep your teeth clean…..


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