We NEED Cassette Beasts DLC! (Yes, We Are Talking About This)

I know the game just released on switch, however, It’s amazing and deserves DLC lol. Let me know what you think!

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25 thoughts on “We NEED Cassette Beasts DLC! (Yes, We Are Talking About This)”

  1. Today they launch on consoles @GymLeaderEd, I think they will succeed on consoles as well as they succeed on PC, and maybe that success can lead to a DLC, second game anything

  2. tbh ive absolutely zero interest in this game but I see its doing really well on Steam and that my buddy Ed is enjoying it 🙂 so thats good enough for me.

    (more into traditional pokemon or nexomon style games personally, also like TemTem but hate the developers and forums support their too much too support it i want to like temtem so much but sadly the devs sorta treat the community poorly there too regularly, pokemon has blind consumption and a serious lack of integrity these days and ive heard nothing from Nexomon devs in a while. so ive been playing a fan game called Pokemon Fusion and it has nearly endless replay value!)

  3. I would like to see them add a New Game+ and let us experience the story again with the stuff we have unlocked, but that's just a personal preference. (Plus it makes a near perfect loop, as we enter the world the same way we leave it, minus Barkley.)

    As for actual expansion content, they could do an expansion to the current world. I mentioned this on the subreddit, but maybe the Mer-line ran into something, thus producing a new island, or at least another section of the island. More monsters to catch, more bosses to fight, and more importantly, more LORE. Probably even introduce a "remix" mechanic for even more wild fusions/combinations/bootlegs.

  4. I'm leaning towards a Dragon Gate type of DLC where you access a smaller map or dungeon via the Train Station like how Pokemon Sword and Shield handled it.
    It provides a good blank slate for them to do anything they want plus more customisation options for your character

  5. I would love some DLC for this game, too, and I definitely wouldn't mind paying for it.
    Will we ever get to see your post game gameplay? Did you shiny hunt or anything like that? I'm close to level 200 myself and I'm one Kuneko (earth) away from collecting the entire set. Curious to see you doing some shiny hunting!

  6. adding dlc is quite impossible since
    1. post game has tons of content
    2. it will make no sense to add something to the story that is already build
    3. there is mod support

  7. The resolution of rogue fusions is simply to continue fighting them, yes it is a cycle just like Aleph and Morgante, but the reason why rogue fusions are not dealt with by the Mer-line is to provide humans with a challenge that they have to deal with everyday, instead of just going around and fight normal monsters that can be dealt with easily. It also serves as a point for them to grow as well, as stated by the Mer-line itself, 'it would not have been right to deprive others the same opportunities you have had.' Without these rogue fusions around, there is not much purpose in keeping the captains around, especially when the challenges that are faced without the rogue fusions around can be simply dealt with by a newbie. In the game's context, there must always be a hero that would rise up to the occasion when needed. Whether it be they were born on New Wirral, or come from elsewhere like the protagonist. This is due to the conflict between Morgante and Aleph, and having the rogue fusions around to train these heroes would be useful. Having these rogue fusions around are beneficial overall despite them being dangerous, as it it for the people living in New Wirral to prepare themselves for the future.

  8. I think a dlc where we fight mirror evil copies of the rangers and ourselves would be interesting. Maybe a new island that wants to take over Harbortown. A whole civil war type moment, cause given the context of the game – it seems likely and seems like how the rangers kinda run everything, im sure there are some characters that don't agree.

    I would also like more fights with the entire team of partners. Maybe a new tower shows up and we have to split everyone into groups and go our separate ways until we get to the top.

  9. Bought the game on PC, and getting one on Switch too. If there ever gonna be Cassette Beasts DLC, hell yes I would pay and support them cause it is just so amazing. I hope the developers are taking into consideration or did have future planning for it plus with great new soundtracks too. 🙂

  10. Secondary hub could be the amber lodge, especially since it seemed Aleph was the only one keeping Ms. Amber from wanting to go back, and she could facilitate getting to new locations or dead worlds like the one she found us on

  11. For me, the best part of the end game is trying to farm rare stickers and come up with some interesting sticker synergies.

    Unfortunately, the game doesn't incentivize you to play the game in order to do that.

    The consensus seems to be to save scum from the vending machines until you get worthwhile stickers.

    Anytime a game pushes you to do something other than enjoy the gameplay to get the best items in the game it's bad design.

    I think what the game needs is some kind of dungeon or boss fight that lets you perfect and empower your stickers one upgrade at a time till you have the team you want.

    I don't think they need DLC to do that, but if it comes in that form it'll get me to pick up the game again.

  12. There were some things that I was surprised didn't have more representation, and I'd like to see in a DLC. For instance, there's only one default Glass-type, and no default Glitter. I was also a bit confounded that there wasn't a legendary that was always a bootleg, and didn't have a default version, so that each one is different. I was also surprised that there weren't more caves that needed to be delved in order to reach certain areas. The only exception is near the lighthouse tower. Also, having a way to upgrade stickers would be quite beneficial. There are very few with the "Can be equipped to any monster", but many moves that would be worth having that. Spring-Loaded, for instance, is only available for Clocksley and its remastered form, but is a powerful and useful move.


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