Vikings vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

It’s do or die for the Green Bay Packers as the Minnesota Vikings head to Lambeau Field in Week 17.




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42 thoughts on “Vikings vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction”

  1. This is quite the conundrum.
    Now we find ourselves in a situation where they're finally carrying this team, along with special teams. This is surprisingly pleasant.
    Now if only our offense could come in just as hard.

  2. As A Die Hard Packers fans there's no doubt we been sloppy this season but I'm not buying into it but if aaron rodgers don't show up and start playing better we won't beat the lions the defense has set the tone lately but the offense has to step up we can not lion playoff game and I'm say it again to all you Packers fan Several times I have Watched Rodgers overthrown n miss wide-open receiver during this sloppy season but he we are with a chance of making it and he still overthrowing wide open receiver the team have play surprising and incredible good lately and rodgers is the only player costing us can u believe that we owe Detroit remember they beat us the last two times last time we played them rodgers threw 3 int in 15-9 game that our defense kept us in its time for him to be him we need 3 TD passes if he plays great there's no doubt we will win but if rodgers is off rhythm well Detroit no push over n they r fighting for what we want a playoff spots so I want see Vintage Aaron Rodgers good win today As a team

  3. Haven't watched any streams before but noticed ya manually moving the football for possession. Does your stream tool(s) allow for transparency manipulation? Probably would be easier and quicker to have 2 balls and swap 100:0% transp between them if possible.

  4. Congrats Tom good win the panthers of course lost but after that onside kick the bucs had to punt and fumbled the snap but he ran toward the sideline kicked it to the 1 never seen a punter be that athletic oh well brady does it to me again I want him to retire he beat us in 04 in the superbowl I'm sick and tired of that senior citizen

  5. Championship week. I had Derrick Henry and Pollard out due to injury, and had Mike Evans on my bench.

    But I also played Green Bay DST and my opponent had Jefferson. Now I have a 56 pt lead vs Josh Allen.


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