Using Alien Technology To Save The World! | Alien Presence On Earth | UFO Conspiracy Files

UFO Files – This edition of UFO Files reveal insights into the UFO enigma and the Alien Presence on Earth exploring the role of global corporations and the one world government movement and how it influences the cover-up of the UFO phenomenon today.

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31 thoughts on “Using Alien Technology To Save The World! | Alien Presence On Earth | UFO Conspiracy Files”

  1. This is the lead-in to the Great Deception of the end times. Yes, these vehicles are real, and are interdimensional. They are NOT piloted by aliens – that's the cover story for Lucifer's arrival when the Archangel Michael casts Lucifer from heaven to earth. He and his Angel's will overfly the earth and set up their one world kingdom. He will claim to be Jesus returned but do not be deceived and have nothing to do with him. He will have 5 months to rule over earth before the True Christ returns and shuts him down. Do not be deceived! The books of Ezekiel and Revelations explains this in great detail. See Matthew 24 and Mark 13 as well.

  2. I like to see a updated version of this conversation. Richard, where are you? You were really on to something relevating back then. Then it was the Afghanistan and Iraq, now its Ukraine and Taiwan. UFO is now UAP. Classified and secret back then, de classified and UAP military common occurrences. The is an unseen evil hand that has control of our planet.

  3. UFOs are real because we see them & I know someone who had a friend who was visited in the night by an alien from a close planet. It use to do tests on him he said at night & he was paralysed.
    He then disappeared never seen again

  4. I say we are created by god , people try to make life so complicated, it's simple there is good and evil, this life is the proving ground, for the life to come,, gods way of weeding out evil people from good people, only here a short while, keep your heart and mind focused on the human manual, the bible has all the answers


    Unidentified flying object!


    😳 OMG! What is that!

    If you can identify it as an extraterrestrial spacecraftπŸ›Έ then it's not a UFO!

    It's Origin unknown πŸ‘½πŸ‘ a IOU

  6. ET has given us their technology- Artificial Intelligence ….. that is how they will manage this species and protect the planet. AI is a Trojan horse.


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