TRUTH About Israel's 'Messiah', Dr. Michael Brown on Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda

TRUTH About Israel’s ‘Messiah’ + Dr. Michael Brown on The Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda
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Almost a decade into his career, San Diego-based rapper Ruslan is Christian hip hop’s jack of all trades. When he isn’t writing and producing original music, he develops compelling content on Youtube, mentors up-and-coming artists, and runs his own independent label, Kings Dream Entertainment.


44 thoughts on “TRUTH About Israel's 'Messiah', Dr. Michael Brown on Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda”

  1. Hmmmmm, some folk are beating you up about being "dismissive" of eschatology. I was a kid in the mid 70's and Jesus has been coming "any day now" since then. While I do anticipate His return I am keenly aware of the boon of false prophets and prognosticators from The Late Great Planet Earth to the Blood Moon series that smiling, talking heads have used to become rich with at the expense of people simply seeking. This was wholly concocted by the same type of folk. It gets views and will maybe even sell. Someone is making a "prophetic" Series as I type………😏

  2. Our creator is not a deity,they are manmade haha Constantine made him self one and turned Turned Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yosef Into a Divine Roman G-d.He joined two deities to make ONE G-d, Hesus the British Druid deity and Krishna Sanskrit for Christ aka Lord savior. Do you accept me as your lord and savior?!

  3. This guys "miracles" are no different than what is happening in my church. In my church I know 1 person who was healed from Cancer, countless people who received Covid death sdentences and walked out of the hospital 2 days later (always 2 days) perfectly health, and many people instantly healed from years of addiction. What this guy is doing is no different than what we should be doing as Christians on a daily basis, he is not impressive at all to me.

  4. I never grew up in the church I'd honestly call myself an American pagan but I've been a Christian now for a little over a decade When I 1st converted I got caught up a lot in these movements.
    The sad truth is there building their own kingdom When you dig deep and look into the 1st TV Evangelize His jet was bought by the country of Israel. Sometimes these things are just a big money washing industry.
    Good work I enjoy your content👍

  5. The Yanuka is no one. He is important in the circles that support him…. but he's not messiah. Hes not even claiming to be messiah, it's more of the excited church thinking. I think you are right on in this video.

  6. Saying Christians who focus on eschatology as not wanting to be the hands and feet of Jesus is quiet an unfair assessment. The amount of people who give their life to Jesus by learning about the last days and its correlations with current events is massive. In Matthew 24 Jesus tells us to watch for the signs and for His coming. No one should feel bad about that, as it is a massive part of the body of Christ and evangelism. Just look how many times the last days and Jesus' return in mentioned in the Bible. God clearly cares about that message being spread. The entire last book of the Bible is dedicated to it. The only book with a promise of blessing for those who read it.

    "Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and obey what is written in it, because the time is near."
    Revelation 1:3

  7. I think they're trying to fight higher number of more Jews ppl come to know Christ The True Messiah day by day in the Jews community, especially in Israel. Some of the reasons, thanks to One for Israel Ministry & the internet, Jews ppl can hear The True Gospel of Christ.
    I love to w4tch testimonies of Jews who came to Jesus on their YT ch4nel "One for Israel Ministry".

  8. Ruslan I've followed you for a while. I understand you are young and still doing your thing, but your dismissive attitude towards eschatology is unsettling at best, offensive at worst. Also, why are you using Dr. Michael Browns name as click bate too defend your disdain for eschatology? You speak about it as if it was some foolish crutch you used in your earlier days to avoiding your own sanctification and obedience to the great commission. Of course the Yanuka is a false messiah, but he is just one more converging signs Jesus is coming. I'll be patient with your arrogance, but guard yourself against mocking those who study the signs of the times.

  9. Well, satan did put sickness on people so he will be the 1 to take it off for deception. He could give a rats booty about the folks that’s why he will claim their souls for them giving praise to him instead of God. So very soon Gods wrath will come. May he give ALL mercy 🙏🙏

  10. So far … 100% of people that have ever lived, that think/thought the “End” was going to be in their lifetime have been wrong… that is billions and billions of people … 0 have been right. Something to think about next time you watch the news and that thought creeps in…

  11. Michael brown’s books are filled with circular reasoning and inconclusive reasoning masked in vague and untestable subtleties. Stand his arguments next to someone with arguments of substance and he crumbles like a rock. Check out Rabbi Tovia Singer vs Michael Brown if you don’t wanna read the book. It’s one of the heads of Jews for Judaism vs one of the heads of Jews for Jesus. Great debate.

  12. In this generation when someone devotes their life to Hashem and His Torah we say “false messiah”. Imagine living in the time of the greats, where even the wicked knew more Torah than top scholars today.

  13. Ruslan I’ve seen your videos for awhile now and I’m disappointed about you teaming up with Joel Olsteen after rebuking him. Praying for you. He’s not a man after Gods heart but after the money of people. Turn from hypocrisy and follow Jesus

  14. When Jesus comes back, people will not be expecting it. The fact that many are expecting it, tells me that the time has not yet come.

    "When the son of man comes back, will He find faith on earth??"

  15. His name is Shlomo Yehudah. HaYanukah is not his name. It's a title meaning "The Youngster". It is said that he is a once in a generation genius, because at 32 years of age, he has complete knowledge and understanding of the Torah, the Talmud, and all of the writings of Chazal. No one is saying he is the Messiah. Do you know what it means to speak lashon harah?

  16. If anyone is concerned, think about this, if he were the Messiah, which he’s not, and the reason being, Jesus, wouldn’t be needing glasses because the Messiah wouldn’t have a handicap so to speak .so there’s your answer. It’s so simple and obvious.

  17. I think you are correct. There is much ado about nothing here. However, the Bible says to be ye watchers, and Jesus spoke of the parable of the lamps. We are his bride and are to be ready. Watching for the end is a motivator to always be ready. Perhaps a middle ground of watching and not jumping to conclusions or complete dismissal is the best approach. 🤔

  18. See in the video thumbnail how their "messiah's" eyes are flashing red? That is because the judas traitors, will be drunk off the blood of the sons of Athena according to deathbed prophecy of Jacob in Genesis 49:11:
    אֹֽסְרִ֤י לַגֶּ֨פֶן֙ עִיר֔וֹ⁠ (כתיב עירה) וְלַשּֽׂרֵקָ֖ה
    👈בְּנִ֣י אֲתֹנ֑וֹ⁠👉🏾 כִּבֵּ֤ס בַּיַּ֨יִן֙ לְבֻשׁ֔וֹ וּבְדַם־עֲנָבִ֖ים סוּתֽוֹ⁠ (כתיב סותה
    I look forward to the sceptor of lawlessness, injustice and cruelty to be taken away from this evil, traitorous, child Judah who would have been better off not to be born at all.

  19. While I agree on the topic here on everything about the yanuka and I know jews that actually laugh at Christians for thinking this man a messiah. You don't need to down on eschatology. Many of us have seen the signs of the times and use them to wake ppl up and bring ppl to christ.

  20. when I bring it up it's because some of the Rabbis over there are claiming they've been meeting with the Messiah and he's about to be revealed. some have pointed to the Yanuka saying he appeared to them and confirmed it

  21. From the chabad website on the Jewish belief of the messiah.

    'The word moshiach in Hebrew actually means “anointed.” In Biblical Hebrew, the title moshiach was bestowed on somebody who had attained a position of nobility and greatness. For example, the high priest is referred to as the kohen ha-moshiach.

    'In Talmudic literature the title Moshiach, or Melech HaMoshiach (the King Messiah), is reserved for the Jewish leader who will redeem Israel in the End of Days.'

  22. This is already a pretty arrogant rant about the body of Christ who are called to be watchmen and study the end of the age and prepare others for the coming challenges. If that’s not you, great – do the job God has called you to do and we’ll do ours, no condemnation necessary. The Day of the Lord is literally the primary theme of the entire Bible so while Christians can get detoured on details that we can’t yet know, there is wealth of that Day to examine and look forward to. Remember what the Bible says about different parts of the body.


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