Time To CHEESE A Boss "Crucible Knight" Is Scary! – Elden Ring Gameplay Part 5

Definitely the hardest boss i’ve faced so far…until you find L2
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26 thoughts on “Time To CHEESE A Boss "Crucible Knight" Is Scary! – Elden Ring Gameplay Part 5”

  1. There is actually a cheese for the crucible knight if you struggle to parry.
    At the edge of the arena there is a slightly elevated rock, that is only about knee high, that you can stand on and he can't get over, even with his flying charge move. Stand on that rock and bait out the attacks then punish with jumping heavy and he dies.
    Hope this helps someone.

  2. 22:00 That, my friend, is Fia the Deathbed companion spoken of in the opening cutscene. Yeah the opening cutscene is kind of a subversion of the openings of the franchise since the characters it talks of are not bosses but friendly NPC

  3. Just beat him yesterday after 12 tries with a lvl60 char (30str, 22vig, 30end, 20dex) a +5 Dragon Halberd etc. with like 20-30hp left. I just couldn't beat him before that.. And the sad part, for me, his 2nd phase was easier than the first. Wasted 6-8 estus (from 12) every single trie in his first phase, cause I got confused so much with his 3-4 attack combo, cause the first 3 are all the same in both. Also the stab killed me everytime, cause the hitbox was longer than the actuall weapon in that attack. Also his heavy shield attack.. never managed to doged it correctly. D:
    But he is finally gone.. The first Crucible Knight I beat (somewhere in the Stormveil Castle depths) fortunatley killed himself, while going in the elevator hole. xD


    I absolutely hate this boss. Here I was able to beat him but in Redmane Castle he is just unbeatable bruh how am I supposed to knock him out I jusr cant he always gets me in my rolls and I cant find the perfect time window to hit him😭😭

  5. As a Souls veteran who has been having a rough day in Raya Lucaria today it's nice to watch all the YouTube souls guys also having rough times. Great game 10/10

  6. Fromsoft really made midir’s attacks look lame compared to some of the attacks bosses in elden ring have, literally not even mad when i get one shot by something that looks so epic


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