This gets me in trouble every time – let's talk Crosleys, audiophiles & record collecting


I’m answering your questions in this video… and I stray into some topics that seems to get me into trouble (including my stance on cheap, all-in-one record players).

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35 thoughts on “This gets me in trouble every time – let's talk Crosleys, audiophiles & record collecting”

  1. Hey Frank — Some solid TV recommendations from me…

    1. 'From' (MGM+) — It's kinda like a horror version of 'Lost.' Two seasons (so far), but S3 is supposed to land this summer.

    2. 'Yellowstone' — Wife and I are currently binging it. Getting the seasons on DVD from the library, so $0 cost.

    3. 'Veronica Mars' — One of my favorite series of all time. Kristen Bell and rest of the cast are so good. Really fun, well-crafted show.

  2. hey frank..thru all the questions and answers, the number one thing that crossed my mind was the fact that i'm older than the college on your hoodie..time flies by…
    best to the family..stay well..peace always..rocky

  3. My first brand-new turntable was a Panasonic "Triple-Take" SGJ-500–a portable bookshelf stereo ("boombox") that included a recording cassette deck and AM/FM radio as part of it's make-up. Was it any good? Well, it had it's limits… even compared to other models in the series. Lord-knows that factory sapphire-style stylus certainly could've used an upgrade–of which I later found one–and in terms of tracking weight, as well as Wow & Flutter, it's about on-par with the Crosley.

    And yet… it's still better. Why? Because of how it was built… in terms of by whom and when, namely. And it marketed for only $150 brand-new back in '83, which in today's money ($427.62) values it at being far-higher & far-better than Crosleys are typically found to be. Plus: It's serviceable! As I've said: You can upgrade the stylus. Even the speakers can be swapped-out for models of similar size and better performance…! And the soft parts (Belts) and fine-tuning adjustments (turntable speed pitch) are relatively accessible on it.

    And let's not forget the collect-ability of it… which, like with our chosen format to seek, just adds to it over time.

    So my advice–as always–is if you're gonna make an entrance into this hobby, even on a budgetary level, make a grand one: Get a "Triple-Take"… because it's better to rock the 'box, than be stuck handling some 'case!😉

  4. Love the video!
    I also really like people who say you can't enjoy or love a band/hobby/whatever if you have critical opinions.
    That's ridiculous! In fact, to really engage with something you're interested in MEANS that you want to spend your time thinking about it and the ways it could be even better.
    I also really enjoyed Beef, thought the ending was quite beautiful.

  5. Hey Frank! I’m with you on the negatives of the VC…most people are nice, but there are a select group that are overly offended on the beginner turntables and the younger generation’s music choice. And I also agree that the greatest positive we all share is that common bond of loving music and collecting records. I’m a fan of crown too, so in real life, I feel like we would def get along!

  6. Having a valid critique isn't a bad thing, it means you are paying attention. Just ask anyone who buys a new record at $50 if they would buy the same record at $500 if they think they shouldn't complain. I doubt they would buy it.

    Make your collection YOUR collection. Buy what you like for what you want. That said 80% of my collection was bought for $5 or less for Mint, NM, and VG+ and I would not buy the same album at $2 for $10. Buy what you like and don't worry about what other people think. If they are not paying you, feeding you, your friend or sleeping with you… what's the reason you should listen to them? (I usually say it much, much dirtier.) But seriously, if you feel compelled to make a comment on someone else's collection and it does not align with what you think, why bother? Why should they care? What's the point?

  7. Audiophile defined is a word that means "One who will willingly spend far too much for a preamp that looks good but doesn't support its price with continued value over time."

    Collecting records and enjoying music is something to do for those who enjoy doing it. I enjoy Jethro Tull, I have all their albums on CD, I am in the process of collecting all their titles on vinyl. Alongside that, I am also collecting the remix box sets of their specific albums for the included 5.1 mixes. Why, because I can't get enough of Tull's music.

    Another aspect of record collecting is finding a good copy of an artists first album from 1968, is like a sports fan getting a baseball signed by Lou Gerhrig or Babe Ruth. It holds a meaning for this person.

  8. I'm in my late 50s, and our 70s Crosleys was mono record 'players.' One I remember having at around 10 years old was a small Panasonic that I played my 45s on. I loved that player. Without that experience, I probably wouldn't have gotten into the 'stereo' of it all in my teen years and beyond.

  9. I had a great crosley with the wooden body, then I tried to change the belt and broke it, I used to have a Fisher Price that I played 45's on that sounded great and it made playing them easier and more fun

  10. I’ve always said that everything that’s been said about Crosleys and all in ones that have the same BSR mechanism in them is because of two different camps in the vinyl community: vinyl snobs; and those that are trying to tell newbies in the vinyl hobby not to get one because there are better options out there. It may be convenient if you’re just starting out to get one of these, especially the all in ones. But you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you listen to these and think this is as good as it gets in vinyl playback.

    But I’m 100% with you, Frank, in saying that these serve a purpose. They’re perfect for a child’s first record player. They’re easy to use (as the video with your daughter shows), they come in several cool colors, and they’re not overly expensive. I say SHAME to anyone and everyone who would try to make a child feel guilty for having one just because THEY don’t like them!!!

    “Audiophile” has become a catchphrase for certain vinyl listeners, and not necessarily a positive one, either. This is where the vinyl snobs really come out in force. It all just boils down to “quien es mas macho” and really nothing else. I consider myself an audiophile in that good sound means something to me. I’ve had my setup for several years now, and though it’s quite modest, I think it sounds good. I don’t feel the need to upgrade or have the latest and the greatest in what’s out there. What I have suits me fine. I let the audiophile game players spend their money on the most expensive setup they can find while I spend my money on records!!!

    Keep on spinning, Frank!!!

  11. I remember Pooh Bah’s in Pasadena in the 90s selling boxed classical and operas for a dollar in pristine condition. There was 50 cent bin where Kenny Loggins is a regular.

  12. I will defend the cheap record player. I bough a Victrola one to play some odd size records that my automatic Technics will not play, and saw no reason to fork out good money for records that probably will not be in my regular rotation.

  13. I have over 500 records. Do I call myself a collector? Nope.
    I just love the music, I just prefer the vinyl medium for it but I'm not exclusive and I'm also "best value" oriented.
    Should I buy that record that is quite expensive or settle for the SACD that is $30, I own a SACD player so this is no brainer.
    Also, some of the artists I'm into sometimes release an album and on CD you have more tracks than the vinyl (go figure, but I guess it would be a 3-4 records set and they want to keep the price down). I'm buying the CD because the more music or just knowing you have the "complete" album not an "abridged" version is more important to me.
    So, yes I have a lot of records but no, I'm not a collector in the sense "I want to collect records".
    I could be a collector in the sense of music collector. Yeah I prefer that.

    PS: yes, price and value matter and yes, if I'm a fan of a band but I don't like one/more of their albums, I won't buy it.

  14. 1969 I got out of the U.S. Army. I went to K-mart and purchased a box(turntable), but it had no speakers. Went to K-mart again and found small speakers & wired them on. It worked out GREAT!
    The sound was so good I was offered money for it.

  15. Hey frank not that you need any help with video ideas, but since you mentioned maybe looking to get new Tower speakers, it would be cool IMO if you documented that process for the channel. Always enjoy the videos. Brian, Charlotte NC

  16. The collection of music particularly vinyl is the hobby side of it with listening feeding into the lifestyle aspect. Obviously there is significant overlap. What I have noticed since the resurgence of vinyl is that there is more of a sense of community this time around. Probably many reasons for this, the many U Tube Channels such as Channel 33 where you can share information, generate discussion and educate particularly a whole new generation of enthusiasts. Mediums of this type obviously weren't around in the 60's,70's and 80's. Independent record stores are now meeting places not just retail outlets. You have in store performances, by artists. Here in Sydney one store regularly puts on a BBQ and Record Fairs are on all the time, again another community event. The one cloud on the horizon is the rise in the price of vinyl.

  17. I prefer good average-joe stereo equipment with professional quality turntables. I myself haven't had a very good opinion of Crosley record players, including their sudo professional turntables. But, I have found some very good Crosley products.
    You know, Crosley follows trends. Not all Crosley products are junk. Crosley is not a manufacturer, it is a marketing company. It tells manufacturing companies what they want and those companies make them for Crosley and a bunch of other companies also.
    My first Crosley product was the WR-18 table top CD/FM radio in a Wurlitzer 1015 style jukebox. It even has real bubbler tubes. The original, like mine, says Wurlitzer on it and not Crosley. Later they removed the Wurlitzer name off of it. Close to 20 years old and it still works great! I bought a retro-looking 50's, 60's-ish looking FM radio which other sources can play through it and it can function as a Bluetooth speaker. It works great!

    Having missed out on previous Beatles record players, I decided to take a chance on the "Let It Be" version while it was still available. Atleast this vintage of Crosley uses AT magnetic cartridges. I have opened the box and inspected it, but haven't played it. Maybe tomorrow.
    My latest Crosley purchase was a mini retro refrigerator to keep my sodas and beer cold. It doesn't and doesn't need to make ice. It works great. I found out about it on YouTube from an appliance repair guy who takes them apart to see how they are made. He gave the Crosley a favorable review. The Crosley is quite good and is better than other mini-refrigerators costing a lot more.
    Crosley products are often better than they used to be.


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