This game is beautiful – Retreat to Enen #shorts

Ive been looking forward to playing this game, I love survival games but this one appears to be quite a laid back one, hoping once we get into it, can do some pretty cool base building etc.

Retreat to Enen is is a first person, open world, futuristic survival game. Players will be able to craft, base build, hunt, fish, meditate & explore.

The year is 3600 CE. At one point, centuries of war, socioeconomic disaster, and climate catastrophe pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. The Earth has now healed, and nature is flourishing. In the aftermath, a new society has formed with a new reverence and relationship with nature. You will play as a young adult who is sent to the legendary island of Enen to complete a rite of passage. You will be tasked with not only surviving, but thriving, in order to prove your worth and assimilate into adult society. You will explore, forage, hunt, fish, craft, base build, and meditate as you make your new home on the beautiful island of Enen.

#enen #retreattoenen


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