The Top Edge Rushers with "Get-Off" & "Time-to-Hit" Speed in the NFL

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41 thoughts on “The Top Edge Rushers with "Get-Off" & "Time-to-Hit" Speed in the NFL”

  1. I’m not sure what this says about Aidan Hutchinson with 9.5 sacks last season. He meets the minimum criteria of five sacks, but doesn’t have the “get-off” and “time-to-hit” speed?

  2. Parsons was in the highlights but not on the list. I don’t care that he’s technically a 4-3 LB. He’s absolutely a top 10 edge rusher at least. These talking heads have 0 brain cells

  3. The amount of people in these comments getting mad about something that is an actual metric is hilarious to me. They are simply mentioning guys who had the fastest get off and time to hit speed with at least 5 sacks. It was more about profiling guys you wouldn't guess would be on here anyway 🤷‍♂

  4. Interesting that DPOY Nick Bosa was so far down the list, though the leading sacker. If not one of the highest off the ball speed what, I wonder, was his major success factor? Obviously there is a lot of technique, not to mention raw power. My guess is that's it – best technique(s) combined with best raw power plus good but not best explosive speed off the line.


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