the META at a glance | Destiny 2 PvP Season 17

my voice is tired from this one.

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32 thoughts on “the META at a glance | Destiny 2 PvP Season 17”

  1. "High level players" lol… we've dumbed out into camping in a corner invisible with a shotgun that resembles a fusion rifle with so much forgiveness in regards of misssing shots.

  2. Maybe I don’t want to be in the upper echelons of Destiny 2 PvP. I don’t like feeling restricted to certain loadouts, especially to hand cannons (I don’t have a problem with them, but I like most other primaries better). Also, can’t use LoW for crap lol

  3. Aside from the weapons, omnioculus has been in my void hunter build since last season. Its good overall, not just in PvP. You got a team mate in trouble on a master nightfall? Triple-jump-Smoke-dive them and they're instantly good to go hide for a few secs. Infinitely helpful in any situation…

  4. which is better true prophecy steadyhand/truesight accurized rounds opening shot explosive payload and range mw Vs steady hand fastdraw ricochet moving target swash and handling mw

  5. I love ya, but that was a terrible drama roll. Shame on you.

    Absolutely max that range, MT and zen for true easy aim. Full auto mod and you will ALWAYS win.

    Damage perks for play style if so choose. But RANGE.

  6. this is by far the worst meta in this game
    Its incredible that PVP is just absolutely shit in this game but this new meta with every gun doing an insane amount of damage is so utterly braindead

  7. How TF did i know Warlock would be the least shown & have the least versality. The entire video was about Hunter & Titan. Every fucking video i watch. Bc Warlocks are fucking garbage. Use Blink to run around while everyone else actually shoots enemies.

  8. Why geminis with stasis? Wouldnt bakris or even frostees be better? The stasis build is about slowing people down and control area if the map (duskfield/witherhoard) so wouldnt an exotic thatll assist with that be better?

  9. What you guys wouldsay its the most OP class in the current pvp meta after the new arc 3.0 update? i was wondering if i stick to warlock or if I should change to titan or hunter

  10. I love how many things you specify "I don't condone, but if you want to win, it's the meta". xD
    That said, locked loadouts SHOULD be a thing in comp PvP and it would fix a ton of lame bullshit. (IMO)


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