The EverQuest Show – Episode 12 – EQ Animated Series Cartoon, Logo, and the Gods of Norrath

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The EverQuest Show – Episode 12 : Was there an EverQuest Animated Series? How was the EQ Logo created? How do you say the gods of Norrath?

This “lost” episode of the show was cobbled together from remaining video that never aired. In preparation for Season 2 of The EQ Show, this final episode of the original season has been released.

As an April Fools Day joke, artist Jason Wages created a fake site touting the broadcast of EverQuest The Animated Adventure, a fake cartoon series for Cartoon Network.

With a style similar to Batman the Animated Series, he created a stunning and exhaustive series of characters, documentation, episode history and more. But what started as a joke, almost turned into the real thing.

Kevin Lydy, art director on EverQuest is the original creator of the iconic logo. He gives his account of how he created the piece of history.

Most of the gods of Norrath are simply anagrams for what they represent. Players and developers try their hand at saying their names.

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Gameplay and music clips courtesy of EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Theme music “Top Of The World” licensed from Tim McMorris, published by King’s Crown Productions Inc.

Stock footage purchased from Stock Footage, Inc.


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  2. I love your content – although I haven't played for a while I still host hundreds of EQ2 player homes and guild halls on my channel from literally years back – and I still log in from time to time just to get the recipes – just in case:D

  3. Great to See you back! Ideas :
    – worst Spot to Die back then
    -what is was back then in the Company in general, what was the General vibe? Were the people aware of making history?
    – the transition from soe to Sony to daybreak
    – the sounds of everquest, some even made it into movies, eg the Ding Sound effect or the bat Sound effect . Were they made for eq or off the shelf bought?
    Just some Suggestions 🙂

  4. Just watching this has me wanting to fire up the game and start a new wood elf character. I even played the tabletop RPG a few times and enjoyed it. Sorry that never really took off.

  5. I was 11 years old when I found that website for EverQuest animated adventures and it totally had me fooled as I tried to go to channel 69 on Saturday when the website told me to!

  6. I hope you have some info about some new anti-cheat that EverQuest is working on to stop people from using multi-box cheats on truebox servers and ShowEQ, etc. It genuinely ruins the game.

  7. Again, thank you so much for these episodes Fading. I started played EQ in 99, from an old farmhouse in Darke Co. OH. My first self-built computer just to play EQ and used to get SOOOO pi&&ed when someone would call in the evenings LOL. Played EQ steady for the first 6 years until kids and family took over (dang RLL gettin in the way). Still revisit and play on and off today. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, like every episode is. Please keep them coming.


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