The END of PAKISTAN | Open Letter

The End of Pakistan has become sort of a keyword on Youtube. I am sure you must have watched a lot of videos on the same topic so far. Most of those videos focus on the current situation of lawlessness, corruption, inflation, army control etc. However, in this video, I have taken a slightly different approach and explained the reasoning behind all of those things. How the ‘end of pakistan’ actually began with the foundation of this failed state.

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Chapters —

00:00 Introduction
01:21 AIML & The Beginning of Pakistan
03:14 Problem 1 – Leadership
05:09 Problem 2 – Resources
06:05 Problem 3 – Administration
07:43 Problem 4 – The second Pakistan
08:42 Problem 5 – Internal Clashes
09:42 Problem 6 – Military Dominance
11:01 Problem 7 – Religious Extremism
12:19 Final Thoughts

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