The Caretaker's Scrapped Tracks [Remade] – This Is Romance

“This Is Romance” by Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra (feat. Muzzy Marcellino & The Debutantes) was sampled in one of many unused tracks that Leyland Kirby made during the production of Everywhere at the end of time.

Its most famous appearence is in ‘Long decline is over’, where distant echoes of the song repeat throughout the entire track. The sample returns in an even more distant form in the beginning of ‘Place in the World fades away’, not so long before The Caretaker reaches terminal lucidity.
This is one of his final memories, even outlasting ‘Heartaches’, which saw its last appearence at the end of O1.


I’m also gonna recreate the supposed Stage 3 version of this track at some point.

I do not own the artwork used.
“necrotomigaud” Ivan Seal, 2018
“beaten frowns after” Ivan Seal, 2016


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  1. IMO considering that Stage 3 seems to be where all of the melodies from previous albums come back (Goodnight My Beautiful, Wedding of the Painted Doll, Stardust, etc.), I think this would fit better there than Stage 1. (Though this track does sound pretty distant, so for all I know you could've had that in mind from the start)


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