The Blind Eternities

What is there? And what is it like?

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πŸ“˜ Chapters:
0:00 Card Kingdom & Coalesce
0:16 Nord VPN
1:15 What Is All This?
2:38 Breath of the Gods
4:48 The Perfect Realm
6:38 A Hand Into Water
9:52 Paradox & Metaphor
13:06 The Path of the Stars
14:29 Credits

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23 thoughts on “The Blind Eternities”

  1. You know, I have had an on going existential crisis ever since I was about 7 and someone explained to me that some people can't see certain colors or see colors differently then me. I quickly realized that I could never see the world through their eyes, smell it with their nose, hear it with their ears. In that moment I realized that I am trapped in my brain. More extreme thoughts followed such as, where was my mind before it was born. As an adult I spend a lot of time thinking and pushing back those thoughts. So thank you for bringing them to the front in a way that doesn't trigger a panic attack. Thank you for putting them so powerfully and poetically. I'm really glad I found your channel a few years back.

  2. The eldrazi are simply a part of the basic natural order of the multiverse in my opinion.
    The only one to quite understand the main role that the eldrazi played in the overall destruction/creation cycle of planar matter in the multiverse was Ugin, through thousands of years of study of these primordial gods.
    And two of the titans were destroyed by ignorant planeswalkers, who couldn't see beyond what the eldrazi appear to be.
    The fear of the unknown made them act in such a stupid way.


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