Ted Alexandro | Senior Class of Earth (Full Comedy Special)

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Filmed at the legendary Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, Senior Class of Earth is the latest special from Queens-raised Ted Alexandro and showcases why he remains one of New York’s finest comics. Ted covers both the personal and political, telling his years-long love story with his fiancé right alongside his lament for where we are as a society. If we are indeed “the senior class of earth,” Ted’s comedy is one of those things that made our time here worthwhile.

Listen and watch here: https://800PGR.lnk.to/TedID

Written & Performed by Ted Alexandro
Directed by Matthew L. Weiss
Executive Producers:
Ted Alexandro
Al Madrigal
Bill Burr
Directory of Photography:
Larry Langton
Edited by Matthew L. Weiss

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44 thoughts on “Ted Alexandro | Senior Class of Earth (Full Comedy Special)”

  1. I wanted to change but then he won me over for a bit, but the trump stuff wasnt funny, just because its simply not true. Economy was way better then, and the “racist” jokes werent funny so i gave up

  2. 1st bit was good. But then he went full Trump derangement syndrome and lost me. I have no issue with comedy getting political but his wasn’t witty or funny, it was just pure personal hate based on a lot of bs media biases it seems.

  3. I see these comedians making funny ass jokes about Donald Trump although I do really enjoy paying five times as much for gas and four times as much for food and have my social security check cut down to 465 a month to live on under Biden such a better life Trump did more for this country than any present in the last 50 years when these guys are making fun of him well let's see how they're going to answer for Biden who's taking us to war and everything else just like they said Trump would do you know the guy that's worth over 100 million dollars has never had a job in his life

  4. Hey bud! Not bad set, but you're confused, or brainwashed. Trump talked about illegal immigrants and not about immigrants. Yeah it is one word difference, but it matters. So now you know. Rethink!

  5. I didn't get to give you my complete admiration for your comedy presentation you are one classy dude I tell you I really did have to laugh at your renditions of life especially in the city that never sleeps. I'll be watching more of your shows now that I remember how good you are and how much I enjoyed your talent you're truly an artist keep up the good work you are a very very needed at this time and I really like your political toe-dipping you made it absolutely irrevocably safe to dabble in politics. Good luck May the dove of Peace flap your nose just kidding anyway you are the dude you are the man you are you are you are. I wish you only good may you make as much energy in the form of money that is appropriate for your excellent character. Thanks again for your talent 🎇🎆🎇🎆🎆🎇🎆


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