Sunday Longplay – BS F-Zero Deluxe (SNES ROM Hack)

Hack by Guy Perfect, PowerPanda, & Porthor:

For this week’s Sunday Longplay I’m playing a brand-new ROM hack that I hoped somebody would make for a very long time. You thought F-Zero Final was the definitive way to play the original F-Zero? Well, there’s a new challenger in town! Welcome to BS F-Zero Deluxe!

For those who don’t know the full history of the SNES F-Zero, in Japan there were three live F-Zero broadcasts on the Satellaview add-on for the Super Famicom with exclusive new content. The first was a four-week event that was based on the original SNES game, but the tracks have been rearranged to accommodate for a brand-new never-before-seen track at the end of the league each week (Sand Storm 1 at the end of Week 1, Sand Storm 2 at the end of Week 2, Silence 2 at the end of Week 3, Big Blue 2 at the end of Week 4). The second was a practice ROM that had one league, called the Ace League, made up of the brand-new Grand Prix finale tracks from the first event plus one more new track (Mute City 4). The third was a two-week Soundlink broadcast similar in vein to the first four-week event that incorporated the Ace League tracks and introduced another five brand-new tracks as well as two brand-new worlds: Forest and Metal Fort. With all of these broadcasts also came a brand-new set of vehicles replacing the original four: the Blue Thunder (replacing the Blue Falcon), the Luna Bomber (replacing the Golden Fox), the Green Amazone (replacing the Wild Goose), and the Fire Scorpion (replacing the Fire Stingray).

The “Ace League” practice ROM has been preserved for a long time, but for an even longer time, the Forest and Metal Fort tracks from the BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Soundlink broadcast were thought to be long lost material. Until someone uploaded a VCR recording to Nicovideo and someone else reuploaded it to YouTube, they were even thought of as simply urban legends. But they exist, and I hoped someone would recreate them and incorporate them into the original F-Zero for a long time. Now, someone has not only done that, but also incorporated ALL of the Satellaview leagues and cars along with the content from the OG game into one package!

With regard to the idea of Nintendo putting these Satellaview tracks into F-Zero 99, here are my thoughts on the matter. I think everyone wants to see the Ace League tracks added into the game, myself included (and maybe rename it the Pawn League to keep with the chess theme). As for the Forest and Metal Fort tracks, I feel like Forest 1 and 2 would be completely unbalanced due to the lack of a recharge strip (RIP Golden Fox mains), and Metal Fort 1 is just too short. In theory Forest 3 and Metal Fort 2 could work, but Forest 3 has too long straightaways to be that chaotic and though the boost section in Metal Fort 2 could be fun with 99 players, it doesn’t have that many turns to keep up the chaos. So what I’m thinking is instead of putting in those tracks, Nintendo could create a brand-new Forest track and a brand-new Metal Fort track using their assets, and they could serve as the finales to two other DLC leagues (the Bishop and Rook Leagues) that could be rounded out by remakes of GBA tracks. Hell, the entire first half of Climax’s Platinum Cup could be a league in itself since it not only recreates but also expands upon classic SNES tracks. Stick the new Forest or Metal Fort track at the end, and there you go. Also, I think the new Forest track should surpass Fire Field in length and difficulty, the new Metal Fort track should put Fire Field to shame, and they should be renamed Devil’s Forest (like in F-Zero X) and Metal Fortress respectively.
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Longplay – BS F-Zero Deluxe (SNES ROM Hack)”

  1. Timestamps:

    BS-1 League:
    0:00 – Forest 1
    2:03 – Big Blue 2
    4:31 – Sand Storm 1
    6:47 – Forest 2
    9:08 – Silence 2

    BS-2 League:
    12:33 – Mute City 4
    14:50 – Forest 3
    18:08 – Sand Storm 2
    20:00 – Metal Fort 1
    22:12 – Metal Fort 2

    GP Knight League:
    26:18 – Mute City 1
    28:47 – Big Blue
    31:27 – Death Wind 1
    33:39 – Silence
    36:02 – Sand Storm 1

    GP Queen League:
    39:42 – Mute City 2
    42:14 – Port Town 1
    44:19 – Sand Ocean
    47:14 – White Land 1
    49:43 – Sand Storm 2 (Alt.)

    GP King League:
    52:49 – Mute City 3
    55:19 – Death Wind 2
    57:40 – Red Canyon 1
    59:52 – Port Town 2
    1:02:39 – Silence 2

    GP Ace League:
    1:06:06 – Mute City 1
    1:08:35 – White Land 2
    1:11:16 – Red Canyon 2
    1:14:04 – Fire Field
    1:17:57 – Big Blue 2 (Alt.)


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