Stuck inside a Shotgun Messiah when the Horde Night begins… – 7 Days to Die (Ep.33)

The Sepdiurnal Virus is rapidly changing and the Red Moon Phenomenon now occurs every single night… In this playthrough I’ll be spinning a wheel to determine the difficulty each day (aka viral mutation/evolution). Some days will be easy, others will be very hard! And each day there will be a horde night. How long can we last before we’re overrun by the undead?!

Zombie X-Factors:
👉Head Shots: Zombies ONLY take damage from head shots
👉Screamers: Zombie screamers spawn more easily
👉Super Hordes: Wandering hordes will appear more frequently and contain more zombies
👉City Infested: Cities will contain extra zombies
👉POI Infested: POIs will contain extra zombies
👉EVERYTHING: All of the above will be active

🚧Difficulty: Wheel Spin
🚧Blood Moon Frequency: 1 Day
🚧Blood Moon Count: 64 Enemies
🚧Zombie Day/Night/Feral/Blood Moon Speed: Wheel Spin
🚧24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes
🚧Player Block Damage: 150%
🚧AI Block Damage: Wheel Spin
🚧Death Penalty: Injured
🚧Drop On Death: Delete All
🚧Loot Respawn Time: Disabled
🚧Claim Size: 71 Blocks
🚧Wandering Horde Multiplier: 5x

Mod List:
➡️Izayo’s Firearms Mods:
➡️Blood Spill Effect:
➡️Craft From Containers:
➡️GNS 2×2 Dew Collector:
➡️GNS Beautiful Bases:
➡️GNS Weather:
➡️OCB Claim Auto Repair:
➡️OCB Lawn Tractor:
➡️OCB Stop Fuel Waste:
➡️OCB Water Shader:
➡️OCB Light Enabler:
➡️WMM Game Options:

How To Install Mods:

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49 thoughts on “Stuck inside a Shotgun Messiah when the Horde Night begins… – 7 Days to Die (Ep.33)”

  1. New schedule:
    New Horde every night episodes Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday. Continuing with long episodes until the end which will probably be when 1.0 comes out.

    I appreciate you all continuing to watch 🙏

    What should we build next?

  2. I might has stumbled onto the yellow dot solution this week. I've had it happen several times and it occurred to me that it wasn't that I couldn't find them, but I couldn't get them to spawn. In three POIs where this has happened it's been near a generator (just like in this video). I decided to try destroying the generator. When I did, the last of the Zs spawned in nearby. That has worked all three times. If anyone else has a chance to give it a shot the next time it happens, let us know if it works for you. If nothing else, I'm going to continue to test and confirm.

  3. Just a Idea: CHANGE BIOME!!! Build a new base in waste land. CAN NOT TAKE ITEMs (Auto repair block, turrets, blade traps etc.) ATTACHED TO BASE. Must build out of wood only with claim block or capture building with land claim. Settings: Insane only, 350% block damage, etc. Yes you can take posters (Top 10 poster choice) If you accept this mission? i WISH YOU LUCK. Oh by the way. Once you start building your base you have to stay the nights in your base. Good Luck MY fellow waste lander.

  4. When I personellt experienced this ”bug” a long time ago. I destroyed the big generators to trigger the zombie spawn. Though not sure if it works if other “components” are destroyed, but I rather drill through the big hp pool of those generators then leaving without at least trying it haha

  5. when you broke that pipe there was a button you were supposed to push to activate that area and spawn zombies. I'm pretty sure it was on the wall to the right when you entered that room if I remember right.

  6. I feel your pain when these quests are just impossible to complete, so frustrating after all that effort. On the other hand, I had to laugh when the gyrocopter was taken down by friendly AA defense. Your gunners might need advanced training. Certainly one of the best episodes so far, great stuff, thanks for the entertainment.

  7. At some point in your running about during the horde you triggered there spawn. If you do not follow the approved route you can miss hidden triggers, steppin on or through floors/doors/windows or not using valves/buttons/switches to turn off enviro hazzards. Total pain in the arse done to improve FPS by not spawning all zombies in a POI.

  8. In my experience with a quest “glitch” like that I’ve been able to get it done by going to the beginning and meticulously following the designed path. It’s almost always a spawn trigger that somehow got bypassed, like breaking a door or pipe instead of pushing the button or valve or simply walking into the room from the wrong direction and never crossings through the intended entrance.

  9. What about scrapping cash instead of magazines for paper? It makes more sense instead of selling it. One ATM and you will have more paper than 100 magazines.

  10. that quest got me once too, you have to destroy the button that turns off the fire to get the zs to spawn. but as much damage as the demos did the button should have been destroyed. So there was probably no fixing it at that point.

  11. Just funny. . . Right before you destroyed your gyro, a wandering horde (khaine mod one that attacks vehicles) blew up my Ansat helicopter. Right after I spent a night and a day mining shale, all of it on the heli. Ironically seeing yours blow up made me feel better. Thanks!

  12. just watched my namibia playlist and now back to your videos … i love them .. seriously, but … lol … you never thought about escaping that 7DTD bubble? i wonder what your plan for your future is…<4

  13. I really hoped you might keep this series and see how far you'll make it cause I was sad about the darkness falls ending and the fallout one felt unfinished. There was so much you could've done and I know it takes a long but it would be interesting if you made the best base and insinuate that he has the upper hand and now he's looking for survivors to restart civilization

  14. I remember one time i went to the shotgun messiah not knowing how huge it was, i spent so much time in it that it rolled over to night, and for whatever reason an endless stream of zombies started rushing me, it was intense. It wasnt even a blood moon, just a ton of zombies coming out of nowhere from within the factory.

  15. What a bummer to fail that quest, but you made it out alive with some great loot! Not to mention you managed the horde quite well for not having it planned out. Well done sir!

  16. What about putting an electric garage door with motion sensors on the 3rd floor in the center where the empty strip is? Will need some landing strip but then you can keep it safe inside during the horde. Also, it may look kinda cool.

  17. Don't forget you can just math which tool is faster.

    Auger is faster in almost all circumstances. Almost.

    If you have an Auger that deals 21 damage at 300 apm, you can just multi them together. If that's higher than your pick (mod both fully) then that's better.

    Now for why Auger is almost always better in all circumstances is the mining book perk to instantly mine any ore. Auger hitting 300x a minute procs a ton, literally. It makes mining veins so easy. Heat also only generates on initial click so it's only a magnet if you keep it geld down.

  18. Why wouldn't you make a separate structure and put all of your high priority items like vehicles, dew collectors etc at?!?!? That would make a tonne more sense than eating where you poop. Another words, dont put all your eggs in one basket.


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