Sky News Breakfast: Defence secretary admits Treasury struggle ahead of budget

This morning on Sky News Breakfast:
– Defence secretary Ben Wallace tells Kay Burley about his struggles with the Treasury over the upcoming budget.
– Labour’s Margaret Hodge is asked about antisemitism and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
– And UK inflation dips slightly to 10.1%.

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39 thoughts on “Sky News Breakfast: Defence secretary admits Treasury struggle ahead of budget”

  1. What a joy this one must be to wake up to. Doom and gloom, questions like a blinking till roll, not really interested in guests answer. Gives media such a miserable name.

  2. Why have we got to put up with this cackling goose on all morning …she hasn't got a scooby about politics or current affairs…as all the other cracking geese in the other news channels …just like her..😣

  3. What Chinese spying scandal, it was a balloon! Have they found equipment on the balloon or balloons because they haven't said so! SO why ramping up about China. Tells people the truth, was there equipment on balloon ' or not!!????

  4. Inflation will drop automatically this is a con, they're not doing jack about inflation. As energy prices drop it will drop but it won't be 2%! Since out gdp is down the pound is down, imports are more expensive. Brexsh*t benefits. Even damn anal conservation affected they sold an absolute lie

  5. Wallace is a RANK M-O-R-O-N!!!

    he wants to GIVE BILLIONS of tax-payers money for the conflict in the Ukraine!!! Which has got ZERO to do with the UK!

    He wants more tanks and weapons so that he can GIVE AWAY MORE!

    Thank the Lord that this F-O-O-L is not PM of the UK!

  6. I think Ben Wallace is making excuses in respect of jets to Ukraine, the people of Ukraine have demonstrated time and again that they are resourceful… and they used many of these same excuses with the tanks! Ukraine as I understand has trained pilots just waiting for jets!?

  7. I'm watching from Latvia – and can just say – what a joy to watch! Professional journalism, sharp, on the point commentary – and although I'm not terribly happy with what UK is doing (BREXIT, losing all its automotive manufacturing, strikes among delivery drivers, postmen, nurses, fishermen, changes of prime ministers, etc, etc) – what I am enjoying – is this level of production, devotion to work and quality. Well done! And hopefully – munition reaches Ukraine sooner than later, those guys desperately need it – to fight the puppies of the psychopath. Good luck, Ukraine – and good luck, everyone else – supporting it. Greetings from Latvia.

  8. The ongoing transformation of the UK as a vassal state is not worth the ink. But it is refreshing that reports about the earth quakes in Turkey and Syria have not been totally detached and unsympathetic.

  9. Bit late to Game here K, but Ben Wallace evaded your question about supplying ENOUGH equipment to Ukraine when he replied saying we are supplying lots of materials to Ukraine.
    Canada Government is matching donations to Red Cross earthquake fund!

  10. Just like the tanks fighter jets are just too complicated for the Ukranians . Much the same reaction to Polish pilots during the Battle of Britain. Pilots who went on to make a critical contribution to victory once the RAF got over its prejudices. Not because they became enlightened but because they were about to lose.

  11. We just recently announced that we protect Europe! With what may I ask? Announcing to the world to supply the tanks and putting the conditions like they cannot be captured by Russians? How exactly is it possible on a battle field? It will take several months even before they can be delivered. Do majority of people who are watching the state media know this? Take care all, harder times are ahead of us.

  12. What's wrong with spying with old school hightech satellites, Instead of ballons and drones, hahahaha, China has 600 satellites, and of course the chines are spying on us mr Jens Stoltenberg.. What do your boss do with their satellites, not spying on us???

    Björn Trondheim

  13. With a 10% inflation she says interest will come down? Let me laugh. Interest rates will not come down but will stay as it is or will go up a bit more. The only thing to sort out the interest rates that are putting a lot of pressure on mortgage owners os to go back to Europe with full integration and on the euro.

  14. Every movie needs a happy ending in romance to not affect reality to correct view of world. For that reason a younger attractive model to play role model in a groomed what to say in a fantasy league in replacing that what is true. Direct opposite of the ending is real life to measure views knowing happy is what is more important then the truth.


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