Shortland Street – Thursday 16 Feb 2023 Episode 7631

Monique queries the status quo
WARNING: Deals with the issue of miscarriage


24 thoughts on “Shortland Street – Thursday 16 Feb 2023 Episode 7631”

  1. I know it's a soap but really? Showing Marty being so excited, learning Te Reo, buying all the baby stuff just so you can break him down with the baby dying. Predictable much? It all seems very cliché. But nice to finally see an episode without it being 19 and a half minutes of Maeve and Rebekah will-they-won't-theying.

  2. Awfully sad story line today.. heart breaking. I HATE the way the way the writers have done this- with Marty looking forward to being a dad, getting all that nice stuff, learning Esthers language- and now THIS????
    Are the writers/producers, SADISTS???? Are they doing this for the ratings????
    Sad/nasty And not nice.

  3. I am really disappointed with the writers, why have such a terrible storyline. So sad for Marty and Esther, really wanted to see Marty being a dad. What is Drew playing at? Think he’s given up trying to contact his wife, sees a new life with her best friend. The councillor now knows who Nicole is to, watch out Drew!

  4. Wow I honestly thought Marty would be raising their baby on his own I really thought with Esther's heart she would be the one to go (not that I wanted that either)…this will probably mean Esther and Marty will break up but I hope not 😥

  5. Oh my heart bleeds for Esther and Marty.
    Such a sad outcome from beautiful parents so excited about the arrival of their baby.
    I hope this sad loss does not end the marrage or worse still Esther passes away.
    I love Esthers character an important member of the Shorty street family

  6. I really thought it would be Esther passing, Marty a single dad and he and Monique being together. If there was something that could've saved the baby, but they saved Esther instead she and Marty are done. The whole IV story is just getting old…

  7. The actress playing Esther, Ngahuia Piripi, was pregnant in real life and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter on 26-12-2022.
    Ngahuia's real life pregnancy was written into the show's storyline for Esther last year.
    Interestingly, her previous real life pregnancy was also converted into a Shorty storyline. During Pikitia's birth in late 2021/early 2022, Ngahuia Piripi was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby son.


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