SELL THESE NOW and buy back after patch, or lose SERIOUS MONEY in New World

It turns out that one item is going to be absurdly more abundant after the PTR patch goes live for New World in December.

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The new trade skill aptitude levels change the entire landscape for this market. It turns out that all the chests have one item in common that they drop which is going to turn a relatively uncommon item into a very commonly obtained item. There will be a huge influx of this item into the market once the patch goes through, so if you want to maximize your money, you’ll want to sell all that you have now and buy back later.

It’s up to you what to do with this information, but now you know what the changes will do and you can make decisions for yourself on how best to protect your New World coins or make fast New World money based on your own opinions on this.


40 thoughts on “SELL THESE NOW and buy back after patch, or lose SERIOUS MONEY in New World”

  1. I think their plan is to make azoth easier to get, its easy for us 60s(OPR etc) but for the low levels that rely on portals having a cheap AH option is a good idea tbh and also makes it cheaper for crafters.

  2. Hey Man! Clear to hear you are more carefull on not unilatterally saying “buy buy” or “sell sell”. Just wanted to say; Don’t worry about it. Keep updating us on all these opportunities – it is great! Don’t let yourself get bogged down if people whine about one or more of you tips not working out for people. Keep on doing what ur doing, it is appreciated!

  3. Yea I don't think so, vials are needs based and perishable like health potions, there will always be a demand from crafters, people who want to pay crafters and people who are out. so if I see these going down more than 25% I'm loading up.

  4. Broooo, get your fishing up. Easy gypsum only need to catch roughly 300 fish.

    Thank God I found a reason I slaved away for 70 hours fishing 🙂

    Edit: don't buy witefibre, people will be farming for gypsum so prices won't really jump.. but platinum will.


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