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Join me as I review City of the Lost by Mary H. Herbert, live! Share your thoughts on this first novel in the Dragonlance: Linsha Trilogy released on July 1, 2000 by Wizards of the Coast. You can buy a copy here:

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About City of the Lost
The first title in a new trilogy that explores the Dragonlance world after the War of Souls.

City of the Lost centers around the character Linsha Majere, the grandchild of one of the central characters of the entire Dragonlance saga. This new title and trilogy advances the story of the world after the events of the best-selling War of Souls trilogy and also introduces a major new villain.

At a lonely outpost on the edge of the world, two dragon overlords threaten to upset the region’s fragile peace. One has entrusted Rose Knight Linsha Majere with a terrible secret. When a magical storm hammers all of Ansalon, the precarious order is shattered, and Linsha must embark on a desperate quest to save the city from the onslaught of an unstoppable enemy.

Welcome to another DragonLance Saga review episode. It is Kirinor, Brookgreen the 29th. My name is Adam and today I am going to give you my Spoiler review of City of the Lost by Mary H. Herbert. I will be spoiling the story, so if you don’t want to know it, stop watching now! I would like to take a moment and thank the members of this YouTube channel, and invite you to consider becoming a member by visiting the link in the description below. You can even pick up Dragonlance gaming materials using my affiliate links. This is my perspective only, and if you have any thoughts or disagree with mine, I invite you to share them in YouTube chat.

This novel is starting out similar to The Clandestine Circle, though it does a good job using what happened in that novel to contextualize Linsha Majere. She was charged, spent weeks in prison then the charges were dropped after Lord Bight sent word to the Knights. I am very glad to have read that novel before starting this one. Linshe is working out of a section of the ancient ruined Silvanesti ghost city called Gal Trakalas. This city reminds me of Nandor’s homeland of Al Qolnidar from What wWe Do In The Shadows. I am listening to the audio books, so I am unsure of the spelling or even pronunciation of many of these words, as the narrator is saying a lot of locations and names strangely. The Knights of Solamnia operate out of a portion of that city they rebuilt called Mirage. Linsha is summoned by the Dragon Lord Iesta, a Brass Dragon that reigns in this area, contested by the Blue Dragon Lord Thunder. Iesta wants Linsha to accompany her to Thunder in order to get the feel of the Dragon’s reaction upon questioning. There are triplet Brass Dragons that act as guards for Iesta who are missing and she suspects Thunder killed them. Upon questioning the Blue Dragon lord, they conclude he was lying when he feigned ignorance.

They also noted a small army massing in Thunders realm composed of humans and Tarmak, though no one seems to know what Tarmak are which is strange since you know, the Chaos war saw them used by the Dark Knights. Iesta returned to the city with Linsha and changed into a human form to show Linsha a brood of Gold Dragon Eggs she is watching and to ask Linsha to swear on her honor to protect them. Linsha agrees. Then she is dismissed to report the massing army to her Legion of Steel contact Lanthar and her Knights of Solamnia circle in the city. The second in command, Sir Remmick, hates Linsha for her unorthodox behavior. The first in command, Lord Morick takes her with him and other Solamnic Knights to the Citadel and are ambushed en route. A massive lightning storm destroyed the city and area, obviously from Thunder, and the mysterious attackers are obviously the Dark Knights and Tarmak.

Before Linsha lost consciousness in the battle, her dagger was taken and buried in Lord Morrick’s back, so when Sir Remmick and the other Solamnic troops arrive, they immediately blame Linsha for the murder, you know, as assholes would do. This is completely illogical, and is something not even Derek Crownguard would do in my opinion. Linsha is protected by a centaur named Leonidus who she favored early in the novel, and she is taken into custody to be tried for Lord Morricks death…


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