Presidents Xi and Widodo watch Chinese-built Indonesian bullet train make first trial run

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Indonesia’s first high-speed railway has passed a decisive stage ahead of its commercial debut. The Chinese-made bullet train successfully completed its first trial run on November 16, 2022. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indonesian President Joko Widodo were on hand for the test of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, which is expected to start operations in June 2023. The project is a part of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing’s to link the world through infrastructure and trade.

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39 thoughts on “Presidents Xi and Widodo watch Chinese-built Indonesian bullet train make first trial run”

  1. For Indians in the comments, there is no problem even though Indonesia cooperates with China, even though the costs are increasing but the project is still being completed, rather than spending a lot of money but the project has only been completed 10km hahaha🤣

  2. How weak of a country you have to be to accept terms and conditions for the Chinese to come in your land and built the high speed train for you? Look at Laos.

  3. As a half indo-china and born in Indonesia, I am even happier because Indonesia already has high speed railway technology made in China. so that I can try and enjoy China trains in my beloved country, namely Indonesia.

    Thanks you xi jinping & jokowi widodo
    Gbu 🥰

  4. Don't know how long we have to bear our fastest train traveling from KL to Ipoh takes 2 hours 25+ mins for the distance 174km😭. Worst if KL to Penang it takes 4 hours 15+ mins and estimate distance 355km. Yet a day has a limited schedule. That's the reason we are always trapped in the highway for hours when there is a long weekend traveling to outstation.


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