(Pilot) GLaDOS reads SCP-48 | The Forbidden Number

Under no circumstance may any SCP be given the designation “SCP-48”.

At the time of this writing, the most popular video on my channel is a montage of voice clips generated using 15.ai, which depicted a world in which the SCP Foundation, in their infinite wisdom, decided to give GLaDOS from Portal control over the Foundation’s P.A. system. I’ve since wanted to expand on the concept of “GLaDOS working for the SCP Foundation.” So I present to you the first-ever episode of “GLaDOS reads SCP-___”! I hope you enjoy it!

This likely won’t be a long-running series. I’ll probably make two or three videos before deciding whether or not I want to continue making more.

Comment “chariots chariots” to say that you’ve read this description! Or don’t. I’m a rat on the internet, not your dad.
Music, in order of appearence:
– 15 Acres of Broken Glass – Portal 2 OST
– Science is Fun – Portal 2 OST
Glados and Dr. Cortez (Doctor Who) voiced using 15.ai

Adapted from SCP-48 – The Forbidden Number by Dr Clef

Video and everything else by Cratmang (That’s me!)


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