NIENIX – Sandbox Open Galaxy Sci Fi Action RPG

NIENIX gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play NIENIX : Cosmic Warfare and check out a freeform action rpg where you’ll build a ship and unload massive firepower on hordes of enemies while leveling and getting stronger.

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50 thoughts on “NIENIX – Sandbox Open Galaxy Sci Fi Action RPG”

  1. splattercat: "…essentially the sci-fi corollary of things you'd be doing in fantasy games"
    me: (pauses the video and spends 5 minutes practicing a new word out loud.)
    you have managed to make my mindless enjoyment of youtube educational. Good job, sir. Hats off.

  2. splat your reviews have been 100% spot on on games i like. i have more than likely watched 100s of other channels and none come near your track record, keep up the great work

  3. Long term viewer here, really like it when you take a lil more time, meaning ~3h as in this example, to make yourself a little more familiar with the game before showing it off.

    Good vid

    Have a good one, dear reader.

  4. The game lost me as a player when I heard "Bullet Hell". Don't have the reactions for that anymore. Not sure I ever had them… Anyway nice review and it does seem like a game worth a look if that word combination doesn't scare you off.

  5. That first room is 100% for multiplayer splat. Each box had an engine and senor for another player I would assume. Interesting that they allow one person to open them.

    On a side note this has SPAZ vibes hardcore but in a way holding more true to the original SPAZ for sure.

  6. Pronunciation note:

    6:15: ".. effectively the sci-fi corollaries of.."
    The word is the plural of "corollary" ("core-el-air-ee"), so you cut up the syllables after the first 'o' and the 'a', not the 'o' and the 'i' ("core-el-air-ease").
    I'm going to guess the hiccough was due to trying to land on a word. I could see it as a mutation of some given, but usually it is a modification, mutation or restatement that enables a significantly different type of reasoning or operation; so different that it is particularly labelled as a corollary. While the direct definition suits, the inference is almost the opposite of what you seemed to imply. Maybe "corresponding" was what you were looking for, but the sentence's structure ran away?

  7. I saw the first few minutes of this video and was like "Diablo in spaceships? HELL YES!" I have put 20ish hours into it over the last week and it's definitely got some rough edges, but a TON of potential. All bosses tend to have the same abilities. Some weapon/mod combos are just broken to all hell.

    For example, I accidentally found an ice wave weapon with a BFG mode mod, and was able to one-shot every boss for 10 levels with that. Afterwards, I was able to easily find/make another with a little effort and used it to the endgame, only remaking it every 5-10 levels. Although, most of my deaths were because the recoil on it makes if very difficult and dangerous to use because you have to basically sprint straight at something at full speed to get all the shots to keep going forward, so maybe it is balanced after a fashion. I don't know. Either way, it was a hell of a lot of fun. The problem with balance, however, is that this mod makes most weapons completely unusable with the shots just sort of standing still where you fire them due to recoil.


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