Mumbai Monorail Gets Massive Upgrade after Years !


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00:00 Mumbai Monorail
00:37 PLI Schemes (Akshay)
01:07 Manohar International Airport (Akshay)
01:44 Defence Exports (Akshay)
02:20 GST Collection (Akshay)
02:42 Hal-228 Delivered (Advaitya)
03:12 Goodsheds Project (Advaitya)
03:54 1591 Million Tones (Akshay)
04:20 Ask PTA


33 thoughts on “Mumbai Monorail Gets Massive Upgrade after Years !”

  1. किस किसको शादी करने का बडा मन कर रहा है, लेकिन नही कर सकता क्यूकी मजबूरी है। और इनमे, किनकी उम्र 30 से ज्यादा है?

  2. #AskPT: Railway is increasing AC coaches in railways, which is good for modernization, but difference between a 3 Tier Ac and Sleeper class is almost 3 times. Also railways introduced 3 tier economy which was claimed to be low in fair but it is same as regular 3 tier. A train which had 10 sleeper class, now only has 2, which resulted in overcrowding of sleeper and general coaches, this has also affected Ac coaches also. Should AC class fare be reduced?

  3. Dholera is a failed city. It has already been 9 years and even after heavy investments by both the Centre and State Governments in forms of infra, expressways, airports etc, its contribution to the investment ratio is meagre.

    The reason I believe is the lack of nearness to any big city. It is almost 100 km from Ahmedabad. A city not only requires corporate offices and industries to develop, but schools for employee's children, supply chains of food items, religious places, and residential societies. No real estate developer would like to make flats in the middle of nowhere.

    It is indeed a flop show, a city near Ahmedabad like GIFT city makes much more sense.


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