MID-YEAR ENERGY REPORT: The Shadows, Karma & Destiny of 2022

In this video we dive into the unprecedented energies at play, how that’s influencing us and how we can support ourselves to get the most out of this karmic soup that we’re all swimming in. (HINT: It has to do with your destiny!)

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0:00 A year of transformation
4:08 The death/rebirth theme & hitting resistance
9:20 The shadow side of loyalty
11:46 Reaching your destiny via surrender
16:15 How the karmic unfolding is necessary
19:53 Seeing what’s been swept under the carpet
23:31 Opening up to our greatest potentials
27:50 Why soul embodiment & reclamation is part of this
34:18 Purification of warrior energy
39:14 Bringing the unconscious into consciousness
41:57 Why are we still denying the feminine?
46:15 How your inner work can flow into daily life
52:49 Bridge practices to hold yourself to the fire
58:20 Stepping out of the old & into the new
1:04:42 Living from soul: What’s true?

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– ROE v. WADE: Rage and Grief?… Do This! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKBjpgf11eU&t=771s
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32 thoughts on “MID-YEAR ENERGY REPORT: The Shadows, Karma & Destiny of 2022”

  1. I'm sad I missed the live but only a little. There have been BIG things in the past couple months, things I never wanted to happen in my life. But something told me, "this was inevitable." I have to take positive from the horrible. Society and family taught me to stuff emotions. F*ck that sh*t. I will never again stuff my feelings, stop crying, to make others comfortable. I am responsible for my actions in my emotions (I rage and punch someone, I am responsible for that action) and own it. I will no longer fear my emotional displays. If someone is uncomfortable with my emotions, they are welcome to remove themselves. Imho, handing someone a box of tissues is subconsciously telling them, "I'm uncomfortable with your tears." I'm an adult, I know where the tissues are. And if not, I'll use my sleeve or ask.
    Rant over…for now. Thank you for this space.

  2. LP reacted d ryt way, she is Sogrobartigg.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsi. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  3. Thank you again so much for this 🙏 I like how you really inspire people to soften and unblock themselves from their own somatic system and feel what they’re feeling. “All of these events suck” is absolutely right, it’s definitely stirring things up. And for those of us with trauma due in part to anything of these issues, it’s like a mallet banging hard on the thinnest of strings. It’s shocking in the most tectonic of senses (shaking up, something shifting), not because it’s surprising or unanticipated for many of us, but because it feels so raw. It’s like being dunked in the ocean in the winter time. And we can’t heal from something like that without acknowledging and feeling it and moving through it, attending to and nurturing that, and finding our still small voice within to guide us on how to course correct and arise from the ashes of this.

  4. Yeah Uranus on the North Node with a Plutonian sign on the South Node is gonna feel like a boxing match between a primordial death entity and a primordial giant genesis entity… because mythologically that is what Pluto and Uranus are. It will bring more light into this situation for sure, but it’s gonna feel like a boxing match (it already does), and it’s happening with Taurus in the North Node, the archetype of the Hierophant. This is what I meant about our institutions crumbling. Maybe with Venusian Taurus here we can hopefully see the feminine being brought into a more honored position (Vandana Shiva got a lot of positive attention about food sovereignty and body sovereignty even from conservatives during this pandemic, so hopefully that trend points in a positive direction for humanity eventually). Uranus points humanity in a think-outside-the-box new direction, and Pluto burns away the old until nothing is left, but Uranus and Pluto and Venus as Taurus all get into a boxing match with each other about what the right way is, with that inherent square energy (the dispositors of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus). It’s a conflict that can be dissolved into cooperation but it takes compromise (without compromising away that which is a sacred right to freedom) and dissolving of egos— which is a thing that karmically many people are resistant to until the Divine makes it impossible for them to ignore anymore, often because things got really bad to the point of no return. I guess that’s Pluto’s influence, needing to start all over again.

    This astrological aspect probably is opening us up to long term improvements, but things are going to be uncomfortable on a macro scale during this transition. And uncomfortable is probably putting it very mildly for a lot of people, especially given what’s happened the past two years.

  5. YES. What you said about retaliation. Sooooo much of politics in the US is a politics of retaliation. I’m not talking about the systemic and economic and institutional things that have basically congealed and not meaningfully transformed in over a century. I’m talking about the tit-for-tat political process that every day people are invited to participate in (often with very little intention to give them actual power). This every day process gives people a SENSE of power (not actual power, but a false sense of it), when they “win” on a tit-for-tat issue— “that’ll show them.” Not realizing the erosion of liberties and real disenfranchisement that is taking place. These policy changes that go back and forth like a hockey puck, yes, they reflect real fears and negative attitudes about women and about a lot of things, but they also reflect a general feeling of disempowerment. If we are mirroring each other, then the problem is we are trying to cut each other off at the knees because we already feel disempowered by a faulty system that robs us all (most of us, those not in the upper echelons of systemic “power”) of agency to begin with. The only way to get out of that storm is to lift all boats, not try to drown each other.

    Watching the political process unfold among the general populace, is like watching a man go home to his wife and kids and speak to them with derision, disdain and a lack of love because his boss harassed and belittled him all day at work. That is what is happening to the feminine right now on a macro scale. The masculine and feminine are both feeling beaten down and there’s this mutual blame going on, but there’s not a lot of mutual compassion happening… There are a lot of men suffering in the wars we’re still involved with in the middle east, a lot of men suffering because they can’t provide for their families in this crumbling economy, and because they tie their worth with their ability to provide… I could go on and on. There’s a deep wounding all around, and it’s getting regurgitated onto our freedoms and onto the carrots-on-sticks in the policy realm. Deeper change than that needs to happen… and, with the influences of the Scorpio south node, those changes are coming whether we’re ready or not. Again, that’s why I’ve been focusing on ways communities can empower themselves autonomously outside of the scope of governmental and established institutional systems.

    Also, in Chinese astrology we’re in the year of the Tiger. That is warrior energy as well, and it can be channeled in a pure and conscious way, or it can be channeled in a frankly bullying way on a collective scale… we still have half a year left, so it remains to be seen what the rest of this year has in store.

  6. can definitely feel the shadow work of the warrior, being a Taurus :-), reclaiming back my souvereignty, letting go of my stories to which I have contributed myself just to feed my (false) sense of identity 🙂

  7. This is so powerful, thank you so much. I am running my first retreat in a week, and what is becoming true for me, I've been hiding for so long. The true, deep inner knowing of Taurus. I am Taurus, I am feeling, earthy being that weaves so many practices to move through life. Grateful 🙏

  8. Can you do a piece on surrender vs manifesting…I struggle, and I’m sure I’m not alone, in manifesting my future…but is it in the greatest good…so maybe I should surrender…those lines feel a bit watery…anyway this was beautiful 🖤🖤🖤

  9. #replay …9-Hours after this originally streamed & yet its almost 45-minutes in & I'm just now able to text my 1st comment. My eyes & checks are still wet with tears but at least I can see clear enough to text. 9 hours after the fact, & The Energy IS STILL HERE! If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Sabrina's been spying on me & was speaking to specifically me during the 1st half of this Live; Even though I'm watching nine hours after the fact!
    •Can I just be really honest?•
    Well I won't go into details but…. I'M SO FKN SCARED! I'M TERRIFIED! There's SOOOOOO MUCH WORK!!! To include physical work; Hard Labor that I have no idea how I'll even start it, much less do it or get it a done! It's A LOT! TOO MUCH FOR an entire crew; So HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT ALL ALONE?!?!? •••BUT THEN… I turn my attention to the mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological… My heart feels SOOOO HEAVY! Like… I feel MY HEART DOWN IN MY WOMB SPACE! It's THAT HEAVY! IT HURTS! I know it's going to HURT MORE! I HAVE to get through this!!!! •••BUT HOW THE FK DO I START?!?!? IDK ANYTHING! I don't have ANYTHING! He helped to isolate me for so long. I have NOBODY. My ONLY FRIEND IS YOUTUBE! Youtube is My Family; Or at least I pretend it is even though I don't create videos, I only watch them. I comment under several videos every single day to try to support the Creators.. Or at least I pretend that I'm being in or if service to others by helping to contribute to the algorithm~Whatever the fk that is! My comments are hardly ever responded to, but when they are it's just a generic "Thank You,"❤️ or a pasted response. TBH, YouTube is THE ONLY THING that helps to distract me from reality, from my so-called life, From My MISERABLE 22-Year Marriage to a Pathological Lying Narcissist or can't go more than two (2) weeks without laying down with another female! I say "female" because that last few I've caught him with were extremely young! (& He's twelve (12) years older than I am!!!!!) I'll stop now. I need to rewind the video anyway because Sabrina's doing Q& A, & I don't have a clue what she's talking about because I'm all up in my head. I HATE BEING IN NY HEAD! *OR WORSE-INMY HEAVY-A$$ HEART! (How can a heart that's been COMPLETELY SHATTERED FEEL SO FKN HEAVY?!?!) It's not fair! I HATE this! I HATE my life. I HATE who I am, who I've become~Or rather, Who I've NOT BECONE! He just pulled in the driveway so I gotta turn this phone off & hide it. ~🙏💙🙏~

  10. Sabrina, I just have to tell you that I love the way you deliver everything it has allowed me to see that who I am and how I think about every single aspect of things (even down to the way you don’t answer questions directly and instead give what serves) is real. 💜 thank you so much

  11. Sabrina, sister, this episode busted me open in so many ways. I was on walk with my dog and when you started talking about not speaking your truth , doing things that benefit others rather than yourself……my heart felt that!! I'm going to head over to our Bones group to share more because I've had one hell of a roller coaster ride the last few months . To say Pluto is back is an understatement!!! I got punched in the face so to speak that change NEEDS to happen. Thank you so much. I missed the live July bones again but it's calling me to listen today. So much love to you ❤️

  12. Oh woman. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion about RvW. This was my take as well and I have not expressed it. Thank you for sharing the long view. Thank you for you. Love you so much. 🧡

  13. Amazing ! The shadow work is real right now but I feel so aligned in doing it and can tell it’s making major shifts and it’s really beautiful !!! Thank you for this conversation I loved it 💓

  14. I really appreciated this video thank you!! I felt a big call to do a half way check in around the last new moon and it was great to have some of my intuitive ideas validated by your reading and lots more energetic context added. 💖 Really appreciate how much free resources/content you share and congrats on your Cali plans!

  15. As I'm literally packing my home to sell, moving in with my boyfriend who I know I will spend the rest of eternity with, this is hitting home. I'm in the thick of massive transformation towards my north node of partnership. Thank you, Sabrina !

  16. I had an encounter with Lilith/devine feminine a couple years back. As I tried to open my mouth/communicate in a hu'man(yes, including my sexual curiosity/cosmically wanting advancements, ugh) way she in that instant grabbed. my soul and took. me out to some far away place in the universe & schooled me in boundaries…….powerful, blissful…HERS! Anyways, I'm more glad to be alive knowing my gut hasn't been lying to me my whole life span here…, my rage now defined and in†egrated into a more humbled yet more powerful space;0) Dark sacred places in me that only wanted expanded sovereignty, starting from my darkest spaces where the ripples bring synergy to my whole……oneness

  17. I am right at the start of a separation from my husband and I can't tell you how much this video resonated with me and helped my day a bit. Especially the last question you answered. It is a mutual split and a more conscious and caring split than Ive ever had in my life, but obviously it's still hard. My soul knows it's the right thing; my ego forgets and gets lost sometimes lol

  18. Yes! This is what I realized with my work. It's not that I need to quit and do something different, I needed to change my relationship to it. Now that I've opened to that my role at work is expanding in a beautiful new direction. So cool. And so grateful. 💞 Love living in the unknowing. Makes it so fun to unfold the journey.

  19. OHMYGOD!!! "is my loyalty (to something) holding me back". This HIT HOME!! I am watching and experiencing long LONG relationships ending. One was my choice (family) and one was not (friendship). Perhaps these ARE (were) holding me back? Thank you for this!!!

  20. waw Sabrina. oosht. This was a belter. what part of me is hiding in the basement? HUGE. I'm hiding my witchyness. and recently my ''witch wound' got triggered by a man. I've been giving reiki sessions in person and its all light and soft – my distance reiki (where there is no physical person present) I am shamanic drumming, toning, singing, moving energy, smokes going off everywhere, rattles going haha you can imagine. I've been procrastinating moving forward in my business (I also work w cacao). This has just hit the nail on the head. boomph. Always love your videos, I processed so much in this one.. thank you for being my go -to these last few years on my path of opening up & for putting in to words how I feel in my body. So much gratitude of you and your team xx

  21. Love this so much 💜 and I just wanted to say how much I love that you tie astrology into your podcast; it not only helps me and my love for astrology, but it also ties everything in and shows the message in another diverse way which is much appreciated…so please don’t ever stop or apologize for it ♥️🙏🏼♥️. You have cleared up so much more for and I just wanted to thank you and your team. I belong to The Bones Group and highly recommend it for anyone on the fence about it 😘

  22. Just found you! Love your take on things! And the honesty. I want to share a thought I had while listening to your take on the mars, kali, rahu, Uranus conjunction. I have spent a great deal of time with the dark mother over the last years of purging. We all say she loves unconditionally, and she does, but her primary loyalty is to the soul, not the human. An unaligned human can be soooo destructive that she is most willing to relieve the soul of the burden if necessary. It is harsh love, but it is love for the well-being of the whole as she literally is the whole. From her perspective, she is taking care of herself! By aligning with that energy and clearing the rubble of our lives so it no longer impedes the soul’s expression, we embrace her….more so, we become her and our lives become a harmonious dance with creation.
    Anyway, great food for thought! Thanks! I have been seeing the destruction and devastation in the world and it is lovely to see others working the big picture!


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