Meteor Storm Over 2nd Base | Surviving Mars Below & Beyond 1165%++ Difficulty | M:I2 | Part 25

While Wildfire is causing some upheavel, the lack of Electronics during a Meteor Storm proves even more dangerous. Later on, some Colonists put their lives at risk to save a Dome during a Dust Storm.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday until the bitter end!
Look below for annotations (highlights) and info on this episode of Surviving Mars Below & Beyond M:I2 @ 1165%++ max difficulty.

00:30 Episode Strategy
02:20 Let’s Play
06:21 Wildfire: Countdown to Extinction
07:45 35% Temperature, 35% Water
12:20 Meteor Storm over Mega Dome
16:24 Elevator Destroyed
22:52 Refugee Crisis
25:51 Scrapper One Asteroid Hopping from Thaddeus BE4 to Striborg BB2
30:30 Scrapper One Landing on Asteroid Striborg BB2
44:21 Ordering Seeds from Earth
44:46 Wildfire: Quenching the Flames
47:22 Earth Refugees Landing
41:45 Percheron Leaving Asteroid Thaddeus BE4
58:50 Building Medical Outpostss for Wildfire Cure Research Reduction
59:57 Great Dust Storm
01:00:27 Broken Dome Event
01:01:24 Wildfire: Infection level – Endemic

Map Coordinates: 41N 111W
Landing Location: J8
Difficulty Challenge: 1165%
Mystery: Wildfire (Hard)
Game Version: Surving Mars including DLC: Space Race, Green Planet, Project Laika, Below and Beyond

1. Max Difficulty Setting 1165%
2. All Milestones
3. No Rivals
4. Play All Mysteries Mod (ChoGGi)
5. Build All Buried Wonders (Custom Milestone)
6. No Surface Landscaping
7. No Mohole, Scrubbers or Nano Refinement (Breakthrough)

1. Show Maintenance Time Remaining
2. Map Overview More Info
3. Camera Change Settings
4. ChoGGi’s Library (needed for Mod 5)
5. Play All Mysteries
6. Increase speed (5x / 9x)


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