Is Amazon's New World Good for Casual Gamers? | Ginger Prime

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23 thoughts on “Is Amazon's New World Good for Casual Gamers? | Ginger Prime”

  1. Key questions for casual friendly: does it respect my time? Will it gate gameplay content behind hours of preparation or regular login requirements? Will it lock you into content that require > 1hr of dedicated playtime to clear? I think you can always argue that you can find a way to make a game fun, but I don't want to fight the game systems in the process.

  2. For me it varies throughout the year depending on work. I have weeks where my normal is 80 hour work week or I'm literally working at 9 am, 3 pm, 9pm and 3 am in one 24 hour period. Those weeks are very casual if I play at all. The rest of the time I'm fairly hardcore in time played though combat is my least favorite part of game activity. I love gathering in all forms, in most games — so my normal days start with a gathering run followed usually by some trading management which dictates my crafting. Then if time I go out and adventure (and of course gather along the way). I save anything like dungeon runs or exploring new areas for the weekends where I will usually play all day Sat or Sun. I personally rarely PVP, though I have been known to do it.

  3. Thanks for this Brian. I've kept my eye on New World for a bit but haven't decided to pull the trigger yet. I'm very much a casual and this chat helps me decide one way or the other.

    Also, holy cow YES on your point about the significant other. Taking the time to come to an understanding with a spouse / etc about things like gaming time is so important. It really helps to keep the relationship with both gaming and the significant other healthy.

  4. "You're not going to be world first" is really the only limitation…
    I certainly plan to play casually.

    After playing the Beta's, and a slew of other MMO's: it's definitely feasible to go easy.
    However, the casual plan also comes with knowing I will have to scale back my goals.
    Will I likley be the go too choice for PvP seige's? Probably not.
    Can I corner and control a market on my server? Likley not with the limited amount of time.

    But, barring all but the highest tier, no-life goals: 90% of what I want to achieve is feasible as a casual.

    And I love this topic, because I have a 7 week old to juggle as New World is releasing. I sat down and had to think through this, before I committed to playing and joining my guild/friends who are playing. (Orun East server)

  5. I think you hit really good points here. The question of if a game is good for casual really comes down to "What do you find fun in a game?". If you want server first, no. If you want to acquire the best gear in the game by yourself, no. If you just enjoy playing a game with engaging combat, and a good community, maybe. I played EQ2 for 14 years, I started out hardcore but as my kids hit that walking age, like you said, I couldn't raid anymore or do any hard dungeons. Once people were running dungeons under 30 minutes I could manage one or two. Then as the kids got older, I started having them play beside me. Most of my enjoyment then became making a new character and teaching them rather than end game content.

    I think the biggest struggle for a casual player in new world will be the dungeons until people gear up, like you said, and raids if they add them. Dungeon times realistically need to get down to no wipes and under 45 minutes for a casual gameplay. So far it seems like people are taking hours in many cases. Followed by PVP, it's hard to really get good at PVP and keep up with the metas and counters as a casual player. I tried League of Legends casually and that gets very frustrating, very fast. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game, especially if you have a good group that will let you hop into when you have time. One of the other big challenges will be if clicks form, people don't want to bring in strangers or under geared players, because it slows things down. It will be interesting to see if this develops in New World. I would suggest not playing Tank or healer as it's harder if these roles don't understand mechanics or have good gear.

  6. I think it depends on the player….I class myself as a casual player but I don't let myself get pressured to do content and try to keep up, I play to my enjoyment levels so I think as long as you are patient then New World will be fine for casual players.

  7. what i love about new world i don't feel pushed by myself or the community and even the games don't force me to push, i don't follow guide because i want to keep it fresh and new and not knowing everything from the get go.

  8. Call me insensitive but if you cant spend more than a few hours a week gaming you should play any other game type other than am MMO. If you really look at it MMOs started falling off once they started catering to casuals. WoW use to run with 10 mil + subs and they didn't make any content for casuals so I don't agree that an MMO needs casuals to fund the game. Just my opinion tho. I think MMOs want casuals BC they are more likely to spend money in the cash shop that's it. Would an MMO need a cash shop if they could pull in the sub numbers that older MMOs did? I don't think so.

  9. So being a casual player I’m sad you didn’t give Destiny 2 a plug here. It is the perfect game to have fun for 15 minutes to hours. No trinity guess what everything is insta queue for everyone. A strike lasts 15-20 minutes and no one cares if f you drop as you can 2 player the content or a new one pops in a minute later. Hey you did 3 strikes this week? Here’s some powerful loot.

    Wish that game got more credit than people give it. I do understand the question was specifically New World but there are other options for real fun and progress for a casual player than crafting and gathering.

    Just my 2 cents

  10. The low level group staff quest is bloody weird, in a game with one char pr. server.

    Will there be a constant influx of millions of new players every month, so when people hit the quest it will always be groups to do it?

    Though that will be true for slow levelers as well as people starting in the world later, but except for that I see no reason you can't do most stuff at your own speed, just stay unflagged.

  11. This is devastating. A PVP-focused game is announced, then by launch, your casual play options are quests and crafting. This does not work for us PVP’ers who have lives. Or am I missing something?

  12. I would say ONLY play with friends and family. While I have no idea why someone with the poster's situation would even be considering an MMO, that's the universal answer. Friends and family are willing to carry you when necessary because they know your situation.


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