Indiana Jones 5 Leak Is A DISASTER For Disney | Spoilers Confirm Phoebe Waller-Bridge Saves The Day!

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48 thoughts on “Indiana Jones 5 Leak Is A DISASTER For Disney | Spoilers Confirm Phoebe Waller-Bridge Saves The Day!”

  1. Minus any Shia controversy, I think it was the wrong choice to kill off Mutt. They could’ve easily just said he moved away and started a family and still sees his parents from time to time.

  2. Another Disney Disaster????? What are they doing to all the films and associated series at the moment??? When you start slandering the fans, the employees and the reviewers, you aren't starting from a good place. When you have all the gear, but no idea, you tend to make it up as you go along with no strategy or game plan. When you keep making failures and don't listen to feedback or learn any lessons, you are therefore destined to live the rest of your life in the Great Pit of Carkoon.

  3. Terminator is dead, Star Wars is dead, Predator is dead, Indiana Jones is dead…
    By the love of God. Do not touch Back To The Future. Just don't.

  4. Indiana Jones gave up immortality? Huh! For what, family, love, the world? Bull shit. My character could easily get all that back with a new woman while keeping my immortality. A world where humanity care less, defy me, etc, oh believe when I say I would 100% make humanity pay dearly for that

  5. I hope this movie is as successful as Terminator Dark Fate, all girl Ghost Busters, all girl Oceans 8, the last Charlie’s Angel’s, Birds of Pray , She Hulk,Bat Woman and every Marvel bait and switch television series.

  6. This movie is not Indiana Jones. Its fan-fiction from two bitter women. The movie will have a great opening week and then I think it will drop of a cliff with word of mouth.

  7. Man, Disney just makes it so easy to keep MY money in MY wallet.
    Looking forward to popping some popcorn, staying home and watching Disney crumble into ruins.

  8. So Marion just walks in at the end and the issues that supposedly led to their divorce are suddenly just gone? And you know it's Phoebe taking the hat. Completely awful and lazy writing and an absolute joke. This is not Indiana Jones, it's just fan fiction, and to even call it fan fiction is an insult to people who write fan fiction and have actual writing talent.

  9. Another beloved franchise sacrificed on the alter of progressive politics.

    Unfortunately for Disney, they (like Amazon) appear to have underestimated the reverence fans have for this franchise.

  10. I thought Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a good movie, but far from that as an "Indiana Jones" film.

    Dial of Destiny, hearing from the "spoilers", seems so irredeemably unremarkable to me that it's no good on any angle.

  11. In a lot of older movies the man would knock out the hysterical woman in order to save her . I think that’s a lot more realistic. Women are the gentler sex

  12. KK will never be fired.

    She’ll quit.

    As soon as there are no more legacies for her to destroy.

    Or remakes to fuck up for “modern audiences.”

  13. How kathleen still has a job is bonkers to me. She must have serious dirt on someone, only thing that makes sense. Shes lost disney so much money its getting comical


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