Im Back! MW2 Nukes In 2022.. Come Chill!

Welcome to the second channel if youre band new be sure to hit that sub button this channel is for mainly streaming! No set schedule yet but bare with me!
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26 thoughts on “Im Back! MW2 Nukes In 2022.. Come Chill!”

  1. I heard on the stream that your 360 cought the red ring of death. I'm the guy that voice chatted with you and a couples of you peeps on getting a 360 last year, but, the 360 that it was being sold, it had the RROD so i didn't get it. I would love to join you in a stream if you have PS3 though 🙏

  2. @fortunate, Did you get the triple nuke Underpass game in this? I do not see it anywhere. Want to watch me drop that UMP for ya lol


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