I Love Racing Games, They Suck!

Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
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MUSIC LIST (In-Order):
Shawn Lee – The Slingshot (Bully OST)
Jonathan Colling – Selection 04 (Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 OST)
Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on G String
Vonsnake – Challenge Every Extreme (BallisticNG OST)
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Rolling Start (Daytona USA OST)
Satoru Kosaki – MONTE CARLO (R:Racing Evolution OST)
Hiro – Boss Fantasy Zone (Bayonetta OST)
Shawn Lee – Defund Bucky [Beat Break] (Bully OST)
Deltron 3030 – Battle Song [Instrumental]
SYDNEY with sister R – Chicken Bone (Cowboy Bebop OST)
Rom Di Prisco – Photon Rez (Need for Speed: High Stakes OST)
A$AP Rocky – Shittin’ Me [Instrumental]
Lenny Ibizarre – Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 [Lenny Ibizarre Strings Over Beats Mix] (Gran Turismo 7 OST)
Isamu Ohira – Car Wash (Gran Turismo 2 OST)
Isamu Ohira – License Test (Gran Turismo 2 OST)
Isamu Ohira – Light Velocity (Gran Turismo 3 OST)
Mark Knight – Track 12 (F1 2017 OST)
Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen – Racing Tires (Forza Motorsport 7 OST)
Asuka Sakai – Garage Talk (Ridge Racer Type 4 OST)
Black Thought & Danger Mouse – Strangers (Instrumental)
Junkie XL – Castellated Nut (Need for Speed ProStreet OST)
Mike Morasky – Deployed and Designated to Prosecute (Half Life Alyx OST)
Rom Di Prisco – Main Menu (Need for Speed II SE OST)
Kohta Takahashi – Naked Glow (20th Anniv. Mix). (Ridge Racer Type 4 OST)
Morphadron – Dr. Know (Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed OST)

MEDIA LIST (In-Order):
F1 2021
F1 2020
F1 2019
F1 2022
Automobilista 2
rFactor 2
Assetto Corsa
Riptide GP Renegade
Need for Speed Unbound
Gran Turismo 7
Ride 4
Jet Moto 3
Dirt Rally 2.0
Forza Motorsport
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Burnout 3: Takedown
Sega Rally Revo
Project Gotham Racing 4
Auto Modellista
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
Driver 3
Driver San Francisco
The Crew
The Crew 2
Ridge Racer Draw & Drive
Ridge Racer Unbounded
Ridge Racer 7
Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon
GRID Legends
Pro Race Driver
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Project Gotham Racing
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 3
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Split Second
Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)
Ridge Racer Type 4
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Rainbow Six Siege
Project CARS 3
Forza Motorsport (2005)
Project CARS 2
Enthusia Professional Racing
Bayonetta 3
Legend of Grimrock II
Ghost Song
Gran Turismo 5
Crazy Taxi 3
Midtown Madness 3
Outrun Coast 2 Coast
F-Zero GX
Xtreme G-Racing
R:Racing Evolution
Kirby’s Air Ride
Forza Motorsport 5
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Driver 2
Need for Speed ProStreet
Nascar Thunder 2004
Cyberpunk 2077
Mad Max
Inertial Drift
Art of Rally
The Day Before
Richard Burns Rally
Nascar Racing 2003
Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4
Indycar Racing II
Madden 23
NHL 23
The Crew Motorfest
Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed
League of Legends
The Outer Worlds
Ridge Racer PSP


40 thoughts on “I Love Racing Games, They Suck!”

  1. People always ask me "Why do you only cover old racing games?" This. This is why. Now I can simply link this video instead of giving a lengthy answer each time. Thank you!
    A little foot note from my side in regards to the lack of creativity. I've received so many comments from people saying they look more forward to the Pepega Mod my team and I are building for ProStreet than the other upcoming racing games. For a while I pondered as to why a silly mod for a 15 year old game gets people more excited. I think it's because the genre is so drained of any creative, let alone daring ideas, that even a meme mod is a breath of fresh air for people. It's something I'm very grateful for and I hope it delivers when we are finally done.

  2. Once idea of my own for a Gran Turismo inspired Simcade Racer is one with horror elements that intensify the closer the racer gets to death and/or injury. Going fast makes music go faster, with the wind seeming to beat on pace with the music. If you get into a crash, the racer's life vividly flashes before their eyes before they regain consciousness and determine what to do next from continuing to drive, pitting, or waiting for a hospital (where the rest of the championship can be viewed, slow horror music playing based on the racer's recovery which also determines changes to the racer following the crash and whether or not they're fit enough to continue racing). Pre-race menus could go over things in a straightforward way, like driving a Ferrari on the Nürburgring with a Light Shower. Every moment of the race is a possibility for terror, with every painful experience being communicated with sound and visuals so that the player knows to dread possible injuries. AI Drivers will do the same thing (most of the time anyway). Surviving a race will always be good enough, getting a trophy an achievement, and winning a true victory. Retiring a racer willingly in menus would be a way to make that racer's progress permanent. But if they're killed or too badly injured all of that progress will be a memory left to collect dust in a company basement.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed this much watching a video on YouTube. Thank you. Title is absolutely perfect. I too love racing games but man do they suck sometimes. Lol

  4. I miss Motorstorm so much, I've never had such a heart pounding and raw racing experience in a racing game, especially in a package released in 2006 that still looks like it could be a modern AAA game on its minimum settings. And, on top of everything, there was no DLC, there was no endless amounts of grinding, just you and your friends on a track, with a banger soundtrack, in/on anything ranging from big rigs to dirt bikes, and everyone had a fair shot at winning.

  5. I've realized why I stopped playing racing games now that I couldn't put my finger on before. All the games nowadays are exactly the same, after taking a long break a few years back and trying to come back to just giving up again because every game's """realism""" just evolved into spinning simulators with AI that actively make the game worse and microtransactions that make games that are semi-cromulent entirely as unaffordable as a dedicated racing sim rig. I'll stick to Gran Turismo 4, the older Need for Speeds, and other games of that era that actually had personality.

  6. I see nothing out of the ordinary in that intro. McLaren stuck in the middle, in the traffic, Ferrari just having an “inshident”, two cars doing the Verstappen-on-top-of-Hamilton move..

  7. Thank you for pointing that out, I miss old racing games like Midtown Madness, NFS Underground 2 and Motorstorm. I want dense Cities and not another long straight through the desert with one corner, just two lanes and max 3 cars as traffic. I want sharp corners, 20 Cars on one Intersection and a good Multiplayer. The only two I play nowdays are Trackmania and BeamNG Drive. Think about these what you want, but at least these are different.

  8. I think it is the same with sports, to many resource is spend in getting car license instead of developing it. Sadly car with no irl brand is not going to sell that well.

  9. Blur was (and still is) so incredibly underrated. It had a goofy, over-the-top story mode and an insanely addicting multiplayer mode. It was endless fun finding trying to find different strategies with the power-ups on each track. I miss playing it so much.

  10. i kinda stopped playing racing games altogether. tried out FH 5, which is ok for what it is, because of being included in Game Pass. You just made me reconsider having a look at Wreckfest. thx.

  11. "You can't invent anything new for racing games" Without delving into new concepts like Dirt meets Half Life – We still don't have a Wangan Midnight-esque racing game that isn't Tokyo Drift or modding AssCorsa with Shutoko map, we still don't have Initial D meet NFSU, and only half a decade ago someone made My Summer Car.

  12. Wow… I didn't realize things were that bad when it came to racing games. Then again, I guess I should have, considering that I haven't really been gripped by a racing game since the Burnout series. Ridge Racer R4 was the last Ridge Racer game I loved to play over and over (I don't want to talk about Ridge Racer: Unbounded.). I do like BNG, and Distance is good as well… they are both a lot of fun… but they are older, niche, indie games, which just goes to show just how bad things really have gotten as far as mainstream racers go. If I was passionate about racers (as you obviously are), I'd be disgruntled at this point. As I am, I'm just… sad.

    … though this video did amuse the hell out of me, so there's that, at least. Who knows, maybe a decent developer somewhere will see this and take your words to heart. One can hope.


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