How to Paint Malekith from Marvel Crisis Protocol

Hello! This is a guide to painting Malekith ( from Marvel: Crisis Protocol: (
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00:00 – Intro
0:34 – Overview
1:56 – The Base
7:19 – Tiger Body
16:59 – Tiger Facial Details
19:44 – Tiger Stripes
23:28 – Tiger Wings
28:03 – Malekith Skin
31:13 – Malekith Clothes
33:04 – Malekith Hair
34:46 – Non-Metallic Metal
42:45 – Finishing Touches


Gryph-Charger Grey (GW)
Basilicanum Grey (GW)
Black Templar (GW)
Shyish Purple (GW)
Skeleton Horde (GW)
Wyldwood (GW)
Birch (SC)
Graphite (SC)
Gobi Brown (SC)
Sahara Yellow (SC)
Tenere Yellow (SC)
White Sands (SC)
Sol Yellow (SC)
Mars Orange (SC)
Arbuckles Brown (SC)
Art White (SC)
Fluorescent Red (VMC)
Abyssal Blue (SC)
Black Leather (SC)
Petroleum Gray (SC)
Rainy Gray (SC)
Caribbean Blue (SC)
African Shadow (SC)
Fuchsia (SC)
Golden Skin (SC)
Black (SC)
Art Black (SC)
Anthracite Gray (SC)
Vanilla White (SC)
Navy Blue (SC)
Cantabric Blue (SC)
Adriatic Blue (SC)
Deep Red (SC)
Blood Red (SC)
Antares Red (SC)
Violet (SC)
Raw Sienna (SC)
Prussian Blue (SC)
Turquoise Blue (SC)
Primary Blue (SC)
Primary Red (SC)

KEY: G = Games Workshop, SC = Scalecolor,

(Please note Amazon + Element Games links are affiliate links; thanks!)

Complete super-matte Scalecolor paint set at Element Games:

Wowstick Drill:

Redgrass Games Wet Palette:


I usually use the Rosemary & Co Series 8 Size 2: (select “short handle”).

On this occasion I mostly used the Artis Opus brush (Size 0):

AK Interactive Ultra Matte Varnish:

Daler Rowney Flow Enhancer:

Urban Scatter:

Hobby Holder:

For airbrush users, this is the black primer I use – Badger Stynlrez Black Primer:

And I also used Cold Grey from the Vallejo Model Air range.

The airbrush used for priming was the Iwata Revolution CR:

The airbrush used on the wings was the Iwata HP-C Plus:

Clippers by Redgrass Games:

All music composed by and © copyright owned by Sorastro.


17 thoughts on “How to Paint Malekith from Marvel Crisis Protocol”

  1. Your painting is amazing as always! The video editing was spot-on! Perfect length and showed all the most important details 👍🏻
    I don’t have any MCP figures, but I still learn a lot from each of your videos. Thanks for all the work you do!

  2. This is the difference between you and me. I can paint models very well. You raise the bar and make it an art.
    I love the explanations you give for what often look at first like they might be odd colour choices, and they always work.
    Stunning Mark, stunning.
    Oh, and nice William Blake quote 😁

  3. I just want say you do the most comprehensive, high quality, informative and enjoyable to watch tutorials on this site.

    Just want to say thanks for the great content and have you considered painting something dwarf themed

  4. The disembodied hands and voice got me again. I can't be interrupted nor distracted when one of your videos is playing. Craftmanship and entertainment in one. Darn near mesmerizing.


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