How To Manipulate Energy to Bend Reality at Your Command | ''33rd Degree Knowledge''

Embark on an unprecedented journey where ancient secrets meet modern insights in the transformative exploration of energy manipulation at the 33rd-degree level. From the labyrinthine corridors of Egyptian and Greek civilizations to the profound revelations of iconic figures like Pythagoras, this voyage into the harmonies of celestial spheres is one of courage meeting curiosity, a sojourn into the enigmatic yet magnetic realms where reality bends at your command.

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00:00 Introduction: The Genesis of Magnetic Energy Manipulation
1:01 Unveiling the Secrets of Air and Magnetic Energy
3:15 Exploring the Etheric Energy Field
5:51 Harmonizing with Natural Energy Rhythms
8:14 Navigating the Laws of Virtue and Energy
10:05 A Journey towards Holistic Health
11:53 The Evolutionary Path of Energy Fields

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5 thoughts on “How To Manipulate Energy to Bend Reality at Your Command | ''33rd Degree Knowledge''”

  1. I remember watching a video that you did regarding trans-humanism. OMG, how time flies. That must have been about 10 years ago! And look how right you are turning out to be. We are now at a major crossroads. How is it that a POHM like me can’t stand Australian accents but somehow loves yours so much? I could never figure that out! Lol Your voice has such a quality about it. I gotta say that it’s so on point mate! I love what you do and please keep your β€˜top notch’ videos coming!!!


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