Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights

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21 thoughts on “Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights”

  1. Nobody seems to talk about
    how good Herbert and Montgomery are for Chicago. Kahlil scored 2 touchdowns, the defense made significant plays, and Roquan Smith had the 1 takeaway interception
    that sealed Bears victory. I noticed the good looking helmets Chicago now has and truthfully I like them.
    For Pitre to have 2 picks for the Texans and record 1 full sack that
    is by far the most impressive stat
    for a corner playing in secondary.
    Fields throwing 2 interceptions almost cost his team the game.
    But anyways great work by Bears
    and the receiver St. Brown. Before
    the season started I chose Bears
    and Seattle to make a jump.
    Seahawks not really there yet
    with Geno Smith but it wouldn't
    surprise me if they got better with
    Lockett, Metcalf, Rashad Penny, Deejay Travis Homer, Fant, Coby Bryant Quandre Diggs and Woods with Jefferson. Excuse my comments people this wasn't a Seattle game. Just a matchup between Texans Bears who are very similar in play style. Chicago 2-1 record.

  2. Fields is second guessing a lot of his throws. He has guys wide open majority of the game. Especially his check down guy and the receiver on the left side of the field. He needs to utilize Komet more too because he's a huge target. People keep saying the o line is not good but that's not the case because majority of his passing attempts he stood tall in the pocket for 3-5 seconds. That's a long time for a QB to be in the pocket in the NFL. Overall Fields right now is not the answer. Don't blame the coach either because he made the adjustments to win both games this season. They could have beat GB if Fields would of attempted to throw the damn ball. The passing game and tackling on this team is ridiculous right now.

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  4. That last sack by Pitre shouldn't have been. I believe Fields should have recognized that the DB was probably blitzing and adjusted the protection, maybe leaving the RB to protect him. Honestly, there is no WR or TE in front of Pitre, what the hell is a DB doing there next to the D-line? An elite QB would have never let this happen.


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