Greatest Magic: The Gathering Flavor Fails

Greatest Magic: The Gathering Flavor Fails
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37 thoughts on “Greatest Magic: The Gathering Flavor Fails”

  1. Many moats were dry.
    A moat is a hole around a fortification that with the functions of stopping people from getting to the walls and to stop people from making tunnels under the walls.

    Google "Château de Vincennes" for an example.

  2. The Tarrasque, if you go by D&D lore should have mantle, regenerate every time it would die, and if you manage to put it into the graveyard, it should be shuffled into the library.

    I don't have a problem with it not having trample, because it eats everything in it's path.

  3. Flurry of Blows is a class feature all monks get at level 2 that let's them attack again after attackng by spending Ki points to do extra unarmed attacks.

    Way of the Open Hand is a Dungeons and Dragons Subclass of the Monk they can take at level 3 so presumably the Monk practices this way of fighting but doesn't use the stun effects the subclass grants?

    even with context it's still somewhat a favor fail.

  4. On the Olivia art — umm . . . that's not a knee. Perhaps "she's" actually very, very, very much a "he"?

    And now you will no longer be able to view that art any other way — again.

  5. 26:40, yes, emrakul would have to be attacking but the squirrels would have to have flying to block. i don't understand the meme. Now if the meme was fifteen spirits then it would make sense as you'd assume we're talking about the most common 1/1 flying spirit token. Otherwise why not three 5/5 red dragon tokens with flying? or eight 2/2 blue drake tokens with flying? Where did the fifteen squirrels come from? i don't understand.

  6. Dragonlair Spider flavor text (that was on screen but ignored by most) 57:00
    "Swarms (of 1/1 insects) thrive in its nest, feeding on leathery bits of discarded (dragon) wings."

    Godhunter Octopus was summoned by Kiora… who went on to lose the fight against said god… that's a flavor win that it can't kill Thassa, not a fail

  7. Here's one I just realized. Powerstone tokens vs Worn Powerstone. So Powerstones start off as tokens and they can only be used to cast and activate artifacts. But the more they get used, and their power is worn out, they produce more mana and can be used on any spell or abilities.

  8. The Google results for Lemures. Lemures, also called Larvae, in Roman religion, wicked and fearsome spectres of the dead. Appearing in grotesque and terrifying forms, they were said to haunt their living relatives and cause them injury. Hyalopterous Lemure is supposed to be grotesque and scary. But it's a cute little lemur lol I love it

  9. Monk of the Open Hand makes complete flavour sense. In Dungeons and Dragons the monk subclass "Way of the Open Hand" is all about martial arts, and they get the ability "Flurry of Blows" that attacks multiple times. So, when you attack multiple times (casting two spells), he gets more powerful.


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